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  1. Well im playing in SLB and im in 6 season. Is fun to see that Fabio Coentrão have 3<>6 teams interessed to buy it and no one ofter for it lol , is nice because i dont whant to sell it but normaly the rich teams ofter a huge load of money for this players so yes 11.3 are mess up and the transfer market are doomed , this need a fast fix Sigames
  2. Cant dowload the V5 mate... pls put another link mate.
  3. The tactic give a lot of possession but miss a lot of goals and 1 <> 2 CAs of the another team give always a goal or 2...
  4. Sell player editor

    Thanks mate
  5. Sell player editor

    Any editor can force a player to go away from the club? I have 2 players that i whant to sell but no club are interesed ..
  6. Matt's TTF Set

    Just started 3º Season with SLBenfica in Portugal , im using this tactic size the 1º game on this save... Nice results and i go to change to the V3 on season 4º ... 1º Season.. 1º on the League , 1º on the Portugal Cup , 1º on league cup , semi finals on UEFA cup . 2º Season.. 1º on the League , 1º on the Portugal Cup , 1º on league cup , win SuperCup , Final on Champions League "lose 3-1 with real madrid " . 3º Season.. just in novembre win SuperCup .. 4º Season - Go to put the V3 on test, if i dont like i go back for the 1s tactic hehe PS: i use allways the Attack tactic , only use the defensive against very dificult teams and away...