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  1. Indeed it makes sense. But personally I would prefer "dribble more" as a PI for some players than using the general TI.
  2. My suggestions : - yes your striker will be more useful with a support duty. The way you have set up your tactic, your n°9 is your IF(a). Therefore the job of your DLF is to help with midfield to create space and launching passes for him. - I think your left fullback is useless with a defend duty against defensive teams. Try at least a support duty, or even attack, which would create some helpful overlaps. - on the other hand, an attack duty for your right fullback may be a bit too dangerous, especially because ahead of him you have your main striker (the IF, who won't defend much) and a BBM, who sometimes won't be able to come back in time when you get caught on counter. I'd suggest WB(s) OR Car(s) for the midfielder. - I don't play FM19 so I can't say for your TIs, but some of them like overlap on the right, run at defence and lower LoE are bothering me.
  3. I can't say he's my model or all-time favorite, but Didier Deschamps and the way he managed the French team at the WC is definitely a huge inspiration for me. I love his pragmatism, how he blended players with very different tactical backgrounds and made it work perfectly. He didn't pull any genius tactical trick, nor seemed to have a strong charisma. He simply built the most flexible team of the competition and allowed the best players to shine.
  4. France played direct but it's not like they didn't want the ball. They looked comfortable with it when they had possession. Griezmann getting exhausted during competition is weighing down the team and maybe explains lack of offensive pressure. And of course there's Giroud who looks fairly determined not to score.
  5. to @Mutumba and @denen123 , I did not see France play in this formation but I am ok for things like Griezmann/Giroud, strikerless, etc. Until 30' it was very difficult for the team. Mbappe was meant to track back defensively on right wing and attack at the same time, it was impossible because of Hazard vs Pavard. Pogba and Griezmann helped tight up midfield after 5' and 10' occasions. I believe they went for a 433, but all around and defensively was 4132. The #1 route to goal (not counting free kicks or corners ) was Griezmann playing to Mbappe on right wing, combining with Giroud and Pavard occasionaly. Matuidi midly played as a Mezzala when Hernandez I believe who be a good ol FB(s). They made Belgium's right wing useless for the whole match. Kante is le facteur X of midfield, he defends like classic MD, but with the ball he sort of played segundo velante all by himself. Incredible player. (oh hello hi so this is my first post)
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