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  1. Right so after my game not reloading last time I have started again! Preseason - As expect really no major shocks! Injury Alert - Hernandez out for a little while Loaned in Dominic Calvert-Lewin from Everton who scored in the 3-0 opening day fixture vs Bolton (Flint also scores on his debut in that game) Onwards we go!!! MOT!!!
  2. What database is everyone using? I'm finding that some of these names above are not on my data base? like Phil Cannon?
  3. Well a draw at Bolton and a very crap win at Crewe to start off. Not the best!! Any advice on the tactic? Doc2.docx fmsh.docx
  4. I was looking at Snodin and then started looking at Terry Burton? Also started looking at Stevie Campbell for the backroom staff
  5. Hi Guys, Not sure if this should go in here but i was looking for ideas to replace the backroom staff. Leeds don't have the best of staff and i want to concentrate on getting the backroom right. Any ideas?
  6. Cheers guys. Got the full game yesterday all seems good with 8 Leagues loaded Speed went from 5 to 3 stars. I usually like the match to be 2D anyway so should be fine
  7. Thanks i will check when i get in and see what my laptop says.
  8. Thanks again, Just want to be able to ruin most English leagues and a few top European leagues for transfer reasons
  9. Thanks for the reply Don't suppose you may know how many leagues it may run? I've ordered the game for delivery today (as its cheaper on disk than Steam) Really dont wann buy a laptop but have a feeling i may have to
  10. can these specs even run FM18? If not whats it struggling with
  11. In fact looking into the demo hardly any of the transfers for players or staff above are even on it so I’ll wait till payday
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