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  1. Thanks. "I renamed folder and added check file. " - Im sorry, I didnt understand. What exactly did u do? Could you share the folders like you show in the post above? original players and new players with that checklist file?
  2. Thanks mate! What do you suggest to make us identify the original players and batch edit only the players created? On my games, Podolski and Iniesta also remain the same. I noticed also other Brazilian players that have the correct match.
  3. Hi, thanks for the file! I also have issues with the ID matching. In my game, I noticed that foreign players from this package have the right ID and Japanese based players need +402.
  4. Sure man, Let me just finish the tweaks with @Loda sothe skin is ok for FM2020.
  5. thank you for feedback on the results, we are getting there I edited the post because I just found the folder
  6. Hey! I cant thank you enough! I didnt find a solution yet for the "attributes" title but as I could solve all the other boxes, I leave for later. I will be back about it soon Now that I am fresh with other files, I will try to get the necessary changes done. I finally got closer to what i wanted but when the TAB changes with the team, the text on it keeps white and thus unreadable with white primary color teams. I attached the examples of Alaves and Sevilla. I tried changing few codes adding a "secondary" color where I could but that didnt translate in-game . Thats the only thing missing... After that i can repair my fonts and finally start a save! Thank u so much for the help!!!
  7. Hello! After digging into your tips I finally handled the Club and Player panels. Only one little thing I couldn't solve: the "attributes" title in the big panel. I tried so many things but couldn't actually find the cod to change the position. Then Im having big problems in setting the sidebar under the title bar. I found a skin in fmscout, TCS, I tried to use their files but its not happening in my game. Would you have some idea of what Im missing to bring my old bars to FM20? Thank you!!!
  8. Hi! So I began with Club and Player panels and there are few things I have no idea how to solve: Club Overview - The gap between the side and title bars with the boxes. Player Panel - The overwriting titles. The Box width I can manage. I will focus on the side bar and title bar after I set these above panels first. Thank you very much!!!
  9. Man, Thank you so much!!! I will start right away and post back the results.
  10. Hi, I would like to know if someone could help me bringing the panels setup I had for FM18 and FM19 for the FM20 game. I am a bit away from the game so for the past 3 days I tried without success. Only 3 things Id like to change: The sidebar & title bar, club overview and player profile panel. I have the files for FM19 but I cant make them work on FM20. Any help will be much appreciated!!
  11. Hello, I have had the crash while processing around August 8th of the 1st or 2nd season. I have followed the verifying & cleaning cache steps, etc Finally gave up and decided to open the thread. FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.08.14 15.11.44).dmp DxDiag.txt
  12. Hello, Why the players ID from this file is always changing? I deleted few players from the editor because they were duplicated and the ID changed for the other players.
  13. Hi, I got a great editor file for Germany from one forum and another xml fixtures file for Germany from another forum. My question is if its possible to merge the real fixtures file with the fmf country file? Thank you.
  14. Hello, The skins.fmf file its not working on the latest patch. Any update coming?
  15. Hello, the facepack link shows "file not found". Could someone share the file please? Thanks
  16. Hi Boss, I copied your tactics panel folder into my custom base skin and the result I get is attached below. Could you please point to me the codes I should edit to get the boxes ,marked in the print ,aligned? The right side box I have no idea where to edit .. and the "Recent match.." Thank you very much!!
  17. Thank you! I got the effect but would you know how can I change the color of the text inside the highlighted area to avoid this..
  18. did not work.. <widget class="table" id="club" mode="select_rows,fill_rows,hide_headings,dont_allow_click_unselect_single" auto_size_rows="true" fixed_size_rows="false"> <flags id="row_appearance" value="tables/custom/sidebar/normal/row"/> <flags id="row_over_appearance" value="tables/custom/sidebar/over/row"/> <flags id="stripe_appearance" value="tables/custom/sidebar/alternate/row"/> <flags id="selected_appearance" value="tables/custom/sidebar/selected/row"/> "tables/custom/sidebar/selected/row"> <list id="column_display_properties"> <record width="-1" column_heading="Icon"> <record id="column_properties"/> </record> <record width="-3" minimum_width="100" column_heading="Name"> <record id="column_properties" alignment="left,centre_y" colour="secondary" font="control" size="11"> <record id="secondary_text_properties" alignment="left,top" colour="white" size="normal"/> </record> </record> </list> </widget>
  19. I got the effect now, but the text is getting white inside.. <!--club table--> <container id="CLUB"> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="bottom,extend" gap="0" offset="0"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <widget class="table" id="club" mode="select_rows,fill_rows,hide_headings,dont_allow_click_unselect_single,drag_rows,drop_on_rows,insert_on_drop" auto_size_rows="true" fixed_size_rows="false" selected_appearance="tables/custom/sidebar/selected/row"> <list id="column_table_properties"> <record width="-1" column_heading="Icon"> <record id="column_widget_properties"/> </record> <record width="-3" minimum_width="100" column_heading="Name"> <record id="column_widget_properties" alignment="left,centre_y" size="normal"> <record id="secondary_text_properties" alignment="left,top" size="normal"/> </record> </record> </list> </widget> <widget class="table" id="cluF" mode="select_rows,fill_rows,hide_headings,dont_allow_click_unselect_single" auto_size_rows="true" fixed_size_rows="false" auto_size="vertical"> <flags id="row_appearance" value="menus/custom/sidebar/normal/row"/> <flags id="row_over_appearance" value="menus/custom/sidebar/over/row"/> <flags id="stripe_appearance" value="menus/custom/sidebar/alternate/row"/> <flags id="selected_appearance" value="menus/custom/sidebar/selected/row"/> <list id="column_display_properties"> <record width="-1" column_heading="Icon"> <record id="column_properties"/> </record> <record width="-3" minimum_width="100" column_heading="Name"> <record id="column_properties" alignment="left,centre_y" colour="secondary" font="control" size="10" gap="0" > <record id="secondary_text_properties" alignment="left,top" size="normal" colour="secondary"/> </record> </record> </list> </widget> </container> Would u know where is the command to change the inner text color?
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