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  1. Is there a way to select when pre season begins on this year's game? Personally like it to be on the shorter side of things and on my current save with Alfreton we have come back very early which isn't ideal but I wasn't given the option to choose as far as I remember.
  2. It would explain the issue. Surely though they wouldn't be able to use the logo and kits of the clubs if it wasn't a licensed league?
  3. Does anyone have an update on this? Seems odd nobody else has had the same issue. Loaded up a new game with no edited databases on it and still the same so it's not that that is causing the issue.
  4. I did try in the League Specific section but someone said it wasn't a bug issue. It just seems so odd that nobody seems to have noticed how big an error it is.
  5. Is there any further information on this? It seems odd that nothing has been said about it.
  6. Is the current situation not slightly more laughable though? Obvious instances where the kit wouldn't be the way the game has it, it is, to a point game breaking because it makes the game look daft. Celtic not playing in green and white hoops at Rangers or Sheffield Wednesday not wearing blue and white away at Sheffield United to give some examples. It's all very well saying being able to choose the kits is laughable but it would eliminate such an obvious issue.
  7. The "Do not use real fixtures button" hasn't been ticked. It isn't effecting leagues like the Championship/League One or League Two or the Bundesliga for example.
  8. Also the case with the SPFL now it appears. Does anyone have any idea why this is?
  9. Why aren't the National League Fixtures and National League North/South fixtures the same as in real life? They are all licensed leagues and in previous versions had the official fixtures in the first season. Does anyone know why this might be? Seems an odd thing to remove from the game.
  10. Does anybody know why the fixtures for the National League and National League North/South aren't the same as in real life despite being licensed leagues? Seems odd that this has changed after years of it being the same as real life for a number of years. Takes away from the realism of the game a bit.
  11. Yeah I've only seen it once or twice in my time playing FM where both have been in the Premier League together. Had it last year where I was doing a journeyman, ended up at Wednesday, got them up and then went to Man United after 6 season with Wednesday. Managed to win the FA Cup twice and the League Cup while also finishing runners up in the Europa League. United came up while I was at Man United and did ok but went down after a couple of seasons.
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