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  1. They are and to be honest I would love an option where you could just remove them from the game. I know you can send the assistant but I'd like to just have the option to either have them or not, like attribute masking.
  2. That is interesting. I noticed it after moving teams. In my previous job at Bolton (now at Chelsea) I didn't have the issue.
  3. Yeah, My fear is they probably won't do anything about it now as it's so late in FM20's cycle.
  4. Stupid questions in press conferences. For example I won a derby game at a fairly crucial part of the season and the first question in the post match presser was about a player at another club being put on the transfer list. In what circumstance would that ever happen? I can't image Geoff Shreeves on Sky Sports going "Well Pep, massive win today in the derby but can I ask you about Chris Wilder putting Oli McBurnie on the transfer list?" Also on a similar theme, the pre game interviews. They also seem to be filled with daft questions. I don't mind doing them but at least keep the questions vaguely related to the match that is about to be played. Again sticking with the Pep analogy. "So Pep, big game today but firstly what do you think about the pressure on David Moyes at West Ham?" These kind of things might be asked at the end of an interview/press conference. Not as the main thing. Also as in international manager the constant questions about a player having a dilemma about which country to play for when 9 times out of 10 they won't ever get anywhere near selection.
  5. Update on this. Have just checked and it isn't affecting every save. Very frustrating.
  6. I've got the same thing. Noticed it last night, very frustrating indeed.
  7. This is the perfect example of the stupidity of the algorithm. How is that the correct solution? In fairness watching the game wasn't terrible, you could clearly make out which players were which but it was far from ideal.
  8. Feel this really needs looking at now. Currently in charge of Bradford City 20 games into the season and already had about 4 or 5 games where either we have worn our away/3rd kit at home when we never would or when away from home have seen the opposition wear their away kit when they are at home. No common sense being applied at all.
  9. Is there a way to select when pre season begins on this year's game? Personally like it to be on the shorter side of things and on my current save with Alfreton we have come back very early which isn't ideal but I wasn't given the option to choose as far as I remember.
  10. It would explain the issue. Surely though they wouldn't be able to use the logo and kits of the clubs if it wasn't a licensed league?
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