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  1. This does definitely need looking at.
  2. Hi, I have looked into this and followed instructions on how to make FM and Steam exceptions as well as deleting the cache and preferences again and verifying the game and it appears to be working again.
  3. It's not been just one save, this is my point. It's been most of my saves. I have deleted the cache and verified the game many times already.
  4. Done, the save is called Ross Quinn - Sheffield Wednesday (v02).fm
  5. It's getting to this position every time and going no further. Like I said in the initial post the problem seems to be different every time I open the game. There is no crash dump file, the initial save I was playing when I first encountered the problem did say it couldn't be loaded but I do have a back up save and that is what I am trying to open.
  6. There isn't a crash dump file as far as I can see. DxDiag.txt
  7. Been having issues with the game since Friday. Initially my current save wouldn't load at all either from the recent save section or the 'load game' section. I eventually got in through another save and managed carry on as normal. On Saturday same thing only this time I couldn't get in via the other save. Eventually It loaded up after an hour of messing about. Same thing on Sunday. Monday strangely was fine. Today it's not been allowing me in at all. Now the 'load game' section isn't working at all. The only thing I can do without any fuss is start a new game. I have done all the usual things, removed any graphics, deleted the cache and preferences, verified the game and uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Also this has been flashing up over the last few days when I have been able to play. Never seen it before the other day. Tends to crop up after matches.
  8. Currently in the play offs with Sunderland, an offer for my captain came in from Colorado, I rejected it and he was annoyed about it saying he wanted to go. I don't really have a problem with that but it was in the middle of the Play Offs and I didn't really need the distraction. Surely an option to say, we're in a play off battle at the moment, we need to be 100% focused on that and then can discuss other things afterwards is something that can be added In?
  9. Not so much a 'new feature' but TV Selections for the second half of seasons specifically. For example I'm currently in the middle of a journeyman save. Currently at Hull in the Championship (10th Season of the save) and Just gone top. Fulham are in second and we play them next. Both us and Fulham have been up there for a while, in their case top for most of the season and if this was the case in real life the fixture would be more than likely picked for TV however it hasn't and it's a standard 3PM game. This isn't the first time either, I've often seen final day battles for promotions/relegations/titles go to the final day only for the game being picked to be a mid table clash. Added to this we never seem to get the usual Friday night game slot the later into the save you go. While this clearly isn't a major issue it would add a level of realism to the game. The Championship's popularity is increasing year on year and it's not likely that the big meetings of the division would not be on TV and it isn't likely there would only be one game from the division on TV every week.
  10. In the Past Meetings screen it often looks very busy after a few seasons, especially in leagues like the Scottish Premiership where you can meet teams four times a season. A small gap in between the games in different seasons would solve this. Very small issue I know but it would make it a lot easier on the eye.
  11. Another small issue I've noticed is that English Football League fixtures do seem to begin very early. As in the end of July rather than in August. While the National League begins at a more realistic time.
  12. Is it a glitch/bug then? It's happened in each of the four seasons on my save in both the National League and National League North/South. I started my save before the last update I think if that's any help.
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