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  1. Here i am again with yet another one of FM famous glitches/ annoyances. My team played a game against newly promoted zaragoza. instant result as i always do. result was 3-3... i checked the match stats zaragoza had 4 shots and 2 on target. yes 2, but there wasnt a single own goal. so i watched their goals and all their shots that went in were NOT! off target at all! here i am on a great winning run. play one of the weakest teams in the league and i get completely lied too, and its always their o look we've scored 2 goals from 3 shots 2 from2 3 from 3. its the only reason i draw or worse loose and i feel this one here and tipped me over the edge. this game used to be sooo enjoyable :/
  2. 18.2.2 hotfix

    yeah i believe the game has been rushed tbh :/
  3. 18.2.2 hotfix

    i agree! come on sports interactive please sort this one issue please!
  4. 18.2.2 hotfix

    Y You're not the only one to complain that the new update has not fixed the Unlimited scouting i was really hoping it would have, seen as i believe its vital you have this in FmT 18 as the prices of players have gone out of hand so its harder to find that cheap gem! please everyone who reads this if you're wanting unlimite4d scoutinmg fix please say so! It's not going to get done if only a few player mention it! So instead they fix little minor things like game crashing when 2 managers, this as been in the last 3-4 games as an issue you'd think they've had it on a white board when making the new game saying 2 manager crash fix important for game! urgh! come on guys show your support!
  5. So the new update hotfix as arrived As per the one thing i would like fixing is the unlimited scouting. As per this isnt fixed. This years game i think really relies on you being able to scout as many players as possible, as the transfer prices for players have sky rocketed from last season, so you want to be able to find that cheap 5 star gem hidden in the rafters, but you can't because you guys still haven't fixed the unlimited scouting. I'm sure i'm not the first person to mention this and not going to be the last! Can you please provide an update on this particular issue please! Again regards Avid FM gamer!
  6. Transfer Deadline Day 16th August

    don't worry i wondered about this then googled it too.
  7. I think it high time we were able to praise our players individually in FMT now. If your players play very poor you can fine them or issue a warning, but if they're good you can't praise them? please sports interative i think me and many more would like a small praising featuring adding to this fmt or the next years. praising a player cant surely use that much cpu to slow the game down right? what are your thoughts on this kind regards an avid fm player
  8. My Goal keepers value bug?

    i stopped playing this save a while back, but thank you. i have other issues now, like 27 fouls by the other team and not a single yellow card shown
  9. Scouting

    I want an idea how all you guys go about scouting players to make your team better, do you buy players with potential and give them game time? if so how do you go about finding them? do you buy players better than your current players, if its that how do you go about scouting these players if you are at a smaller club. how do you know where the weakness in your club is? how do you pin point them how do you go about replacing them with better players? i think im missing something this time round on this fm with the new scouting system and i feel like i need a refresher in the game. kind regards
  10. League game scheduling

    i did another save with another team and the exact same fixture scheduling happened in the same year, the post may seem like i am annoyed which i am, but i realised for some reason i am not recieving notifications, so i do apologies.
  11. My Goal keepers value bug?

    i just think his market value is low and it may be low because of a glitch, any keeper i've had value also drops then he does well and instead of his value rising due to interest it just stays same or gets lower then good top teams want to play little money. he gets annoyed, i bet if i sold him his value would rise dramatically. may go back to the save and sell him and see if it does rise and stay like that. then i would believe its a glisth
  12. leaderboard issues

    thank you for this information, it is much appreciated
  13. So i'm here again, i feel like my posts have been disgarded by Sports Interactive. I've been playing this game since 2006, i am an avid gamer and put thousands of hours into each game. The problem now is everytime i post a problem you guys are looking at other petty issues. This is a footballing manager game that follows the real rules of the footballing world and their governing bodies. And i will ask again do you guys even know that the legal requirement of rest between games is 48 hours? Please tell me you know this? Obviously you don't, yes i get it! it is a game. But the problem is i want to feel like a real manager, and as most foreign managers in the premier league and most English leagues do is complain about the christmas period and the amount of fixtures! I like the challenge of this, but when the game schedules 3 games in 3 days is a little ********. I'll post two pics of different saves. please do not just disregard this post again!
  14. the AI on this game is quite silly, they sign players who are natural strikers with good stats for a striker but then play them as a cm because that player is accomplished as a cm. don't ever be surprised by what the AI does. try this one for AI the games AI made these fixtures for me and everytime i complain i dont get a reply.
  15. i was promoted to the premier league with FC unite, i finished 9th in the premier league and won the english league cup, so i got europa league football next season. the problem i have is my teams reputation is still as low as league one teams, which means no good player want to join me. i think there is a bug in the reputation system??