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  1. You might solve it by ticking back "allow licensed kits" in the main IGE menu.
  2. I think the man wants the "hard copy" for his collection.
  3. Saved rebounds would have been played on by the keeper. Other penalties scored on rebound would have been either by a teammate or an own goal.
  4. What I mean is that if I don't put a price in at all, they come in with a negotiable bid - I can then ask for, say 80M for a 15M player, and they will just withdraw the bid. Player does not get unhappy, and everyone gets on with life. They will come in later with another bid, and the cycle repeats itself, but that's a different matter that has been done to death on these forums. On the other hand, if I do set up an asking price, they will come in with a non-negotiable bid of, say, 8M (for the same player), and all hell breaks loose if you reject that one. Something doesn't quite add up IMHO (I'm commenting on the game mechanics, rather than on the scope of simulating real life... I do get the point of the AI trying to force you to sell cheaper).
  5. It makes it worse for me - this results in AI putting in non-negotiable bids for laughable money. If I reject, I end up with a mutiny on my hands.
  6. You are right, I misread the "challenge for" for "win", my bad! While I can't be 100% certain, I was marked as having completed the promise when I reached (and lost) a cup final.
  7. Win any kind of silverware - European qualification through 2nd and lower positions does not count.
  8. Honestly I don't know, it's something I read some versions ago. If there are sugar daddies IRL, I assume that it can be possible.
  9. It's liklier that you get the sack before that happens, I'd think. It also wouldn't improve your chances of having a sugar daddy come in (and then, keep you in your role). One last thing... As far as I remember sugar daddies can only enter the game in certain nations, not others (eg. Germany), due to prevailing national laws, though I stand to be corrected on this.
  10. On the other hand, playing as a minnow you can offer your players new contracts just at the start of a transfer window and everyone will leave you alone (unless there are minimum release clauses in the contract).
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