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  1. Not 100%, but I think the Czech Rep. does not allow dual nationality.
  2. Actually sorry there is another way: Loan him to another club in Italy (so he will take up THEIR free slot), then depending on how far you want to break gameplay, either recall him immediately or let the loan run and when he's back then he will be considered as already registered.
  3. You will anyway not fix it as in Italy the non-EU quota is calculated on 30th June... so he'll still be a non-EU player for the rest of the season even if you add another nationality to him. The only way about this is if you sell one of your other non-EU players OUTSIDE of the country (and even then, if you have others in queue for registration - including youth players - they will take priority).
  4. I've (shamelessly) done this many times, the course continues and finishes as per normal schedule. (unless this was changed in FM20)
  5. Just out curiosity, were you actually challenging for the title throughout the season, or did you shoot up the table in the last 4/5 games before the last match and found yourself in an unlikely position - based on your performance for about 85% of the season?
  6. I get mildly anxious every time I need to click the player history screen for fear of finding that it is not 100% in order (mainly due to unnecessary lines with zero appearances but the player moves in the same season). In fact I've also been known to decide which player to sign over which other one, based on whose career history looks neater.
  7. At the risk of being obvious, are you aware that you need to wait for the end of season for Scotland to be removed from the game?
  8. I just rest them from training for a week, nobody goes on holiday. If I need them to play, I still pick them (or at least keep them on the bench). The only exception is during international breaks, when I send them off for a week, though first I make sure I can withdraw them from Intl duty if they are internationals.
  9. 75% of the money you are making is going straight out in wages (turnover is the total money in, before tax and before expenses) So unless you have prize money coming in at the end of the season, you won't be turning much of a profit (and your budgets may be restricted), or you may need to to sell to buy
  10. Yes you are right... it is exactly legal because it was allowed under exception 1. What I am saying is that the club gave a job to the father, only as a workaround in order to qualify for exception 1 (ie, the exception was not a "natural occurrence / family situation" but rather a "created situation"). Not sure I'm getting my message across.
  11. Pogba's situation was as with goranm's spot-on answer. But I believe the situation existed with Messi, with FCB giving Messi's family jobs in and around the city so they got hold of the kid after the family relocated.
  12. I constantly shout: Demand more or Push Forward (depending on scoreline) after most goals up until i get a 3-goal lead. If i open the score in the last 15mins, i should out encourage. Pretty good results for me at all levels (much less so in lower rungs though, understandably).
  13. Even without any editing some lines could be class... {Nicky} BUTT HAS A CRACK!!!!
  14. On FM17 you would offer the contract, then when the WP gets refused he'd drop his concerns. It still doesn't solve the problem of you losing the player, but at least he's in good spirits for the rest of the season.
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