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    Into this game since Championship Manager 3, back online after a long hiatus.

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  1. You are right, I misread the "challenge for" for "win", my bad! While I can't be 100% certain, I was marked as having completed the promise when I reached (and lost) a cup final.
  2. Win any kind of silverware - European qualification through 2nd and lower positions does not count.
  3. physiar

    Average Gamer Age

    36 in a few days, playing since the nineties.
  4. physiar

    How to get a suggar Daddy ?

    Honestly I don't know, it's something I read some versions ago. If there are sugar daddies IRL, I assume that it can be possible.
  5. physiar

    How to get a suggar Daddy ?

    It's liklier that you get the sack before that happens, I'd think. It also wouldn't improve your chances of having a sugar daddy come in (and then, keep you in your role). One last thing... As far as I remember sugar daddies can only enter the game in certain nations, not others (eg. Germany), due to prevailing national laws, though I stand to be corrected on this.
  6. On the other hand, playing as a minnow you can offer your players new contracts just at the start of a transfer window and everyone will leave you alone (unless there are minimum release clauses in the contract).
  7. Since we are resurrecting years old threads... this!
  8. physiar

    Do players grow in the game?

    There are some youtube experiments that show that players do grow.
  9. physiar

    Manager Compensation to move clubs

    What KlaaZ said, but you can check the value out under "My Contract" if you have a % waiver (I'm still on 17, trust the same info is in the same place). Otherwise I think it's the amount of wages left until your contact expires.
  10. physiar

    Scout report of player you have on loan

    Same thing for trialists. I find an estimate important to decide at what point in time to go in, as well as to avoid some shady dealings by agents...
  11. Now THAT would be interesting. A feature that I would crave is changes to competition rules (or even number of teams in divisions) over time. Look at the Italian setup... I lost count how many times it has changed over the last 15-20 years.
  12. physiar

    In Game Editor - Why do you use?

    You need to add club icon (or change colours the kit altogether) from the edit kits menu.
  13. physiar

    In Game Editor - Why do you use?

    1. Add a second surname to players having the same surname as other teammates (unless they are related) - try managing in Iceland! 2. Update kits for lower division sides 3. Remove PSG, Man City, etc. sugar daddies 4. Change club colours if they are not visually clear (eg light grey on white, becomes dark grey on white)
  14. physiar

    [Suggestion] Youth Intake Screen/Interface

    That is impressive I have to say. Two thumbs up!
  15. physiar

    ''You've been FM'd''

    I'm delighted you were us!