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  1. On FM17: Training > Team Training > Top central part (just below where you set how much match training is done)
  2. thanks, it's exactly what sparked off my question in fact.
  3. How would it work in case of a sell-on fee, say +25%, but eventually the player is sold on as part of an exchange deal?
  4. Not sure it applies as I'm still on FM17, but maybe it has something to do with the residence for "5 years after the age of 18" before the Argentine becomes eligible?
  5. go to My Computer and it should show you (the size of your save depends on leagues loaded, how for are in you are, etc):
  6. The most obvious peculiarity is the relegation system based on average points from the previous seasons. And compared to most W. Europe, you'll have much tighter foreigner rules (there no EU equivalent).
  7. Game importance within the country as well maybe?
  8. Also the harder it will be for new jobs offers to come along, due to the compensation the new club would have to pay.
  9. Off topic, but my obsession with orderly player history pages would not let me sleep.
  10. I only nickname my scouts as "Snn Name Surname" so that I can easily identify who's out of an assignment and to manage who I'm sending where. The Chief gets S00.
  11. - Attempts one-twos with opposition goalkeeper
  12. - Plays to his weaknesses a.k.a. - Ignores his best attributes
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