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  1. Here’s some feedback from me after three seasons in the premier league. VAR 100% of the VAR goals is ruled out, 100% of VAR penalties are given. So if it’s VAR, you always know what’s gonna happen. Penalties My champions league winning team with world class players are getting around 50% of their penalties saved by opposition keeper. Seems a little bit too bad right? Season schedule The club World Cup group stage consisted of two games with three days apart, but they where formally treated as they where in different seasons. My striker scored his 32 goal of the season in game 1, and then scored his 1 goal of the season in the second group stage game. The scheduling where also made in a way that caused zero of my players getting any holiday at all. The whole squad where kept in training at club the whole time. Playing time Been having a lot of players feeling alienated due to lack of game time but looking at their status they have Agreed playing time regular starter, and actual playing time regular starter. How come they demand more then they have agreed? And why is there even a function called actual and agreed playing time if you can’t rely on it when negotiating with players. This is a common issue for me.
  2. Plus one on this. I’m experiencing the exact same issues. For me it’s mostly issues wile scrolling in long lists, things in the list gets marked when I intend to just scroll down or up.
  3. Same issue. The support blames steam, although it’s clear that the cross sync is not a part of steam. Really frustrated.
  4. Yes I know, unfortunately I don’t own a laptop at the moment. Anyway, I plugged that in for now. But I would really like to play the 3-4-3 high scoring latest version. So if and when someone can post the differences between the one I plugged in and the latest 3-4-3, I will be really grateful thanks!
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