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  1. Hey Mate I'm back to here again. I would like to discuss with you about STC role in this system .You know in reality that it is very difficult yo find a suitable False 9 around world.There is only one Pablo Dybla at this moment but we have lots great players like L.Martinez,Haaland as they are more suitable as a Advance Forward So do you think in your tactic system that I can change STC role according to which players I get?
  2. Hi BJT I agree with you that Dybala could be better for False 9 role in this system as I always hard to find suitable player from original Barca team to this role.
  3. Hello Bro I'm back. First of all , I must say that our tactic is amazing to reproduce real life style possession game in FM 2020. After I tested your second version - Man City -then I could say it is better than previous version in all around. I'm using FC Barcelona and my team is all based on current Barca U19 and Barca B young players except Messi which works far more better in the field than previous version to retain game possession. I love it and will continue to test on normal quality players to see if we can maximum every body's max potential ability under Man City version.
  4. well,this is a very good possession game tactics which I have ever experienced when I using your tactics to play a real Pep's style ,for example ;HB can play a real life game playing way like Busquest doing in Pep's Barcelona era. Very good job brother !! While I have to admit that in sometimes I can't score a goal during full game keeping push on opponent..... BTW: I am using same players ( no any new players bought ) from Barcelona at FM20.4 version
  5. I found that 4 3 3 Tiki Taka Version 4.0 will be overcame after half season in current engine so did you find the same problem ??
  6. This Tactics leads to lots of counterattack goals and pass offsite trap goals. A really good formation only to against low quality and you will be punished when you have away match with high quality team Not recommend this one.
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