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  1. Dude.. you are not in a position to tell angry fm 2019 users not to show their frustration.. Instead of wasting your time telling people where to post and where not to post, fix the damn crashes! I can see threads pending for weeks in this forum without solutions.
  2. Hello SI, FM 2019 is crashing repeatedly at random screens when I'm playing even without processing or doing anything. I'm attaching the dump file with this thread and already uploaded the saved game in the SI cloud service (name of the file: luton.fm). I've deleted cache, preferences and verified game files. I've uninstalled my antivirus program and turned the laptop performance into high. DxDiag file is attached for your reference. Not sure why the game always crashes. Appreciate if you look into this and fix it asap as I'm addicted to FM! FM 2019 v19.2.1.1177438 (2019.01.11 02.06.25).dmp DxDiag.txt
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