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  1. When you start a new game, without doing any changes at the pre game editor. After the first season league one will again have 24 teams, national leage north and south will increase their teams from 22-24. Now if i make a tiny little change in the advanced rules, for example deleting the agreement change in EU and only that. When you then run the game those league changes in league one and national league will not happen. Meaning they will still have 23 teams in league one, and 22 teams in the national league north and south. Why is that ? is this a bug, or does it means if you just do a little change in the editor, the league structure will be different ? If you like i can upload a file, but i have tried it many times.
  2. I am in a slow but great save. Started a couple of days after the full game came out. In the first week there were no links between any of the players, and that was a known issue. After a patch, links began to work again, but suddenly the links are almost totally gone again. I am in my 3rd season with a back to back promotion. I have players the last season playing over 30 matches together but no link. Is this still a issue ??? The tactical familiarity seems to work. I uploaded the file "may_15_2022" to the cloud.
  3. Thumbs UP !! Excellent viewpoint. I have also experienced the same with newgens. A lot of newgens start up with 20 at determination ( this is players with potential 180-200), but they start to drop immidiately after they arrive to your club. That means all of them in FM19. I haven't seen the same trend in professionalism as a hidden attribute. And yeah ,, this happens only with newgens.
  4. I am in my first season with Hereford in the National League North. In december i got a preview about the youth cantdiates this season. I am on may 9th now and still no intake for my club. As far as i can see the other clubs in the national league all had their youth candidates in april 1st. I had a previous save with Curzon Ashton and there i got my youth intake april 1st. Is this a bug or not with Hereford ? I attach 2 files on the cloud before and after the youth preview. Called "may_9_2020" and "nov_16_2019"
  5. I took over Derby County in november. At the moment Derby was 21th in the championship table. Season is now over, and we overachieved massively and took the last play off place. Just beat Nottingham our big rivals in the semi final in the play off--- and suddenly the board are very dissapointed with me for failing to grow the clubs reputation. The board wants to play entertaining football, sign players under 23 and work under the wage budget. Everything is reached. I reached the Play offs one year ahead of the clubs vision. If that isnt enough to grow the clubs reputation .. what is ????
  6. yes, i experienced the same with my curzon ashton save. no link between any of the players in a whole season
  7. Hi ! I am managing Carlisle United. With over 5500 attendance, the stands are totally empty exept for a few houndred behind one of the goals. Playing at home against Bristol Rovers in the green away shirts while Rovers have they blue and white home shirts at Brunton Park.
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