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  1. Leeds could be fun, although you'd have to stop the Bielsa fun if you take over. They've started the season well but I've no idea what their players are like on FM, and they could be good for a youth dev save.
  2. Hello everyone, My scouts have found a wonderkid regen I like the look of, Josef Polak, who at 19 is already a 27 cap full international. Moreover he has a £6.5m release clause so wouldn't break the bank. Here he is- I have 2 questions really: 1. Should I sign him? I am managing Ajax and already have a fairly full midfield for my squad, including promising youngsters. I could do with a good 2nd right full back/wingback, and his pace and positioning look good, but I already have a 19 year old fullback I like a lot. In a similar retraining mould I could maybe look to train him as a centre-back, as at Ajax we like our technical players and we have no top prospects at cb yet, but then would that be a waste of his quickness and would it be better to just sign a good young 'pure' defender? 2. How would you train him? He seems a fairly gifted player, so I would like to make the most of his talents if he heads to Amsterdam. Thank you for taking the time to read this, any advice is welcome.
  3. Hi all, I was looking through some transfers and i saw Newcastle had spent £26.5m on a centre-back from Stoke called Jerry St.Juste. They then proceeded to barely play him all season and his value is nowhere near the fee paid. I wouldn't have paid £26.5m for him based on what I can see here. Am I missing something obvious that makes him super valuable or did AI Newcastle just make a big mistake (they are managed by Tim Sherwood so you never know , and they are Newcastle so prone to doing crazy things).
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