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  1. HI TFF For Executioner SC position, do we need inverted foot? Left foot strong on SCR? Thanks.
  2. Anyone having a run with Man Utd / AC Milan on these tactics? Thanks.
  3. Hi Knap WOF343 beats Beowulf 4231 in latest patch for top teams? Been using ManUtd (top) already destroying teams left and right with Beowulf. Thanks.
  4. You can try Milinkovic-savic if you have the money. Lukaku is pretty good in the game, I had to buy Fiete Arp just to give him a breather. For some reason, Lukaku and another ST be it Martial/Rashford/Sanchez work as best combination for me. Dunno about Skriniar but check Gimenez, Rugani or Romagnoli. I was after one of those 3 when Laporte suddenly transfer listed for 34m which I found bargain and got him instead.
  5. In second season February, Arp (16 goals) now scored more than Lukaku (10) Rashford (9) Sanchez (11) Martial (8). He's doing great although other than Lukaku, the other three plays pretty much everywhere on front 3 based on the condition, either AML or AMR. Plus Arp plays against weaker teams - not the top 6 premier league. However, for 12-14m he's been sensational. If he keeps scoring, I might need to tweak the starting forwards.
  6. Posted 15 hours ago (edited) From Top dog to Under dog BEOWULF Press 4231 Narrow BEOWULF Press 424 BEOWULF Press 4231 BEOWULF 41122 ARGUS Press 343 BLUE MATTER Press 433 ARGUS Press 352 GOODBYE Press 3412 DARK SIDE 4231 PILGRIMAGE cautious 451 MIDSOMER Press 442 VOLANTE BBM Press 4132 BEOWULF Press 451 BEOWULF Press Flat 451 BEOWULF Press 4141 VOLANTE 4222 VOLANTE Anchor
  7. If you don't mind plug and play tactics, go try Knap beowulf tactic 4-2-4. Fit nicely to Man Utd squad, may need some investment on AMR. Only Liverpool could give you problems or occasional brain-snap a red card in 10th minute. The downside is that it rains yellow, now on my 2nd season, been fined quite a lot.
  8. Try Oyarzabal / Chiesa / Cengiz Under. I did stick with Lingard - he's quite good this year.
  9. Does it matter if your HoYD is from overseas? Say an english team but hiring Bernhard Peters/Roberto Samaden. Would it bring less english people? In the past I always try to stick to same nationality. Thanks.
  10. Im in 2nd season early, he had a release clause of $14m I think. Bought him to give Lukaku a breather but I haven't played again since but stats are decent not as good as the above.
  11. Add to the list: Jose Boto - Atletico madrid is also very good.
  12. hi knap Does instant result affect your tactics? Want to try some of your other tactics (the one with wingers) for a change but bit short on playing time. Sometimes bulldozing everyone with BM 3 strikers got bit boring. Thanks.
  13. Thanks guys, checked them out but didn't load Swiss and Serbian league so can't find both.
  14. Loving this tactics, been destroying everybody - playing as Man Utd. Now in season 4 been playing easy mode since S2. Started new save, tried it with Huddersfield but didn't work out that well. Swapped it to WOF343 in February, went from 17th to 6th. Hi Knap, out of all your tactics, is BlueMatter the best? Thanks.
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