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  1. is any may to help me ?
  2. i think that enything is not ok with BAZA .fmf, but i dont know what ?
  3. i m solved this but not inough good solution i make my creation datebase (BAZA), when start new game i must this BAZA out, and whenb game open before start new game , i m put BAZA again in, and all works when folder BAZA are in game in start and when i try to start game, game crash BAZA .fmf
  4. operating system is W 7
  5. i also have this problem, I can confirm that getting the editor installed in the same steam Library, but game not solved my problem please help me to solved this ty, br FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.12.06 09.11.11).dmp