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  1. Just to hop onto this @michaeltmurrayuk (and sorry if it's been answered elsewhere) is it possible to change those icons back to the FM17 version?
  2. TownForThePrem!

    [FM16][SKIN]Vitrex 2.0

    I think it's just inside the skins folder, not the Vitrex one?
  3. TownForThePrem!

    [FM16][SKIN]Vitrex 2.0

    Look in your skins folder, this skin installs a folder in there called "VITREX MODS" and inside there is a complete explanation of how to use each modification, including the tv logo selector, and a folder is included with the logos of all the channels you could want.
  4. TownForThePrem!

    [WIP] Elegance 16

    Really excited for this skin, nicest looking one I've seen for FM16 so far!
  5. TownForThePrem!

    [FM15 Mod] Match Titlebar Team Names

    Thanks for that, I'll play around with it and see what I can do.
  6. TownForThePrem!

    [FM15 Mod] Match Titlebar Team Names

    I've done that, that's the only way I could get the colours and logos to show in the first place. Is there a code to raise the height of the clock and scores?
  7. TownForThePrem!

    [FM15 Mod] Match Titlebar Team Names

    Hey, I've applied this to the skin I'm using and it works, but the scoreboard is now blocking off aggregate scores and extra time (screenshot below) Any way to fix it?
  8. TownForThePrem!

    Editing a chairman

    Right, I thought so. Do you start the games with 'Add key staff to teams' ticked?
  9. TownForThePrem!

    Editing a chairman

    Couple of questions: 1. Did you load the standard database down to Conference North/South, or did you load one of those 'English Leagues down to Level 10' database files? 2. If you loaded a custom lvl 10 database, did you edit and create the chairman on that file or did you create him on the standard database? I think, could be wrong as I've not tried this yet, that if you create a non player on the standard database and they are below the playable leagues selected, the game will generate new staff members for the team when they become playable, especially if you have 'add key staff' ticked in the game setup. If that is true then the only way around it will be to edit him onto a 'down to level 10 ' database and load that when you start the game. I know that kind of defeats the purpose of the challenge but it might be the only workaround.
  10. TownForThePrem!

    ALL*STAR GAME - possible to make?

    Sure: That's the same competition type that the MLS All-Star game has within the editor, but again I haven't tested it yet so I'm not entirely sure if/how it works.
  11. TownForThePrem!

    ALL*STAR GAME - possible to make?

    It's an option in the FM15 editor.
  12. TownForThePrem!

    ALL*STAR GAME - possible to make?

    When you make a new competition you can set its type as "All-Star Cup" but I'm not sure how that works in practise.
  13. Just want to say keep up the amazing work! This is such a huge feat that I couldn't ever get close to attempting, can't wait to try it on '15!
  14. TownForThePrem!

    [FM15][SKIN] Slymlyne

    Loving the skin so far! Having two small issues: 1: The top bar is being darkened for some reason? 2: This is more a personal preference, the minute numbers and score numbers are too... "fat" is there a way for me to change those to a different font? Other than that it's great!
  15. TownForThePrem!

    Head of Youth Question

    Having a great HoYD will not give you a higher rated youth intake, that depends on factors such as facilities, junior coaching budget and youth recruitment network. However, having a HoYD with the right personality will give your players a chance of having better attributes in certain mental attributes. Cleon's thread on youth development is fantastic, and a great source of info for this subject: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/379906-Ajax-%E2%80%93-When-The-Real-World-Meets-Football-Manager-FM14?highlight=ajax+meets+football+manager+2014