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  1. Hi Declan, My serial number is 5B14001501 and I'm running Android 8.1.0. Chris
  2. Hi Declan, Unfortunately this didn't work. Using the new version, I started a new game and it crashed 2:30 into the first game. I have found that when I play using TV view, on key highlights it only crashes every few games. Yet when I switch to 2d it crashes all the time. Have you managed to identify why it works on certain pixel C devices and not others? Chris
  3. Thanks Declan, Will install now. Hope it fixes the issue! Chris
  4. Still can't play the game without it crashing. Is this not something you covered during any testing?
  5. Hi Adam, Any update on this error? Chris
  6. Hi Adam, Yes, I've only ever experienced it during matches. Thanks, Chris
  7. I have downloaded FMT19 on my Pixel C, which is on the compatibility list. During the two games I have played so far I have experienced a number of crashes already. While watching in game the screen suddenly freezes, then flashes, then the app shuts down. This happened in FMT18 too, but very rarely so I just put up with it. However every game is too much.
  8. I am having exactly the same problem as edhdurham - also using a new pixel c. The game crashes almost every match (seems to be in the second half when I make substitutions), when I reload the game it restarts from the same point but often the score is different!
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