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  1. Hello, I've found a boring issue throug all my seasons in FM 2018... sometimes the team refuse to score! It doesn't matter the quality of your striker or midfielders, simply my team will hit posts, crossbars, goalkeepers, defenders, or put the ball out... Last season I had a wonderfull 4.3.3 tactic with all the three forwards scoring 25 goals each but we failed to win the Serie A because against some lower level opponents we lost 0-1 and in all of these matches we shot 30 times!!!! What to do in that situations? I tried both to reduce speed of game, change tactic, --- same result!! no scoring......... and no titles yet!! PS: similar rubbish situation in europa league.... won 3-0 at home, went away to match hibs and lost 5-0 !!!!! as usual....
  2. great. i've opened a new thread. this could be more difficult to set.... what do you think about?? answer there please
  3. Hello, in this topic I would like to discuss about the top countries to help you in increasing your money due to the selling of player jerseys. Particularly: if i have to choose between some foreing stars (from U.S., India, Japan, China or similar) which is for you the top country that will let you record the highest income possible year over year?
  4. ok so nothing new ... same as previous fm! great. thank you.
  5. Hello, I am opening this thread just to know and share your best practice to improve quickly the tactical familiarity of your team! What do you do? Do you just set the trigger full left while selecting pre-match tactics? Any further advice will be highly welcome!
  6. Thanks everyone for helping ... attacking is another big issue! How to score more goals? Sometimes strikers look like other sports players!!!!
  7. ok... after posting this thread players seem now to have understood something and we are through 3 victories...... magic! i've set a defensive midfielder more, the other three midfielders in a single line, one striker, and one free wing moving on the left or right channel depending on opponents weaknesses... let's hope this keeps working!
  8. Hello, I have already managed three or four different teams with medium and higher expectations both in SkyBet Championship and in Scotland premiership. Every time same results, defenders wander like idiots in the pitch, while my forwards even if strong like Mitrovic or Angulo at Sunderland can't hit the target even if with no GK in front of them. Any tip on how to cure this guys? 4 stars coaches always in my staff. we have more o less the top coaches everytime!
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