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  1. I do briefing talk before every match. - I always pick the starting XI before the briefing. - Use the brief, talk to players to focus on couple jobs you think they're most helpful or jobs that your team do best. (Example: My team is huge underdog against Bayern Munich, they're always remain very high defensive line and closing down my players very much. So the "Pass into space" and "Drop Deeper" would be my briefing talk). - In friendlies matches or weak opponents: Click the tactic familiar bar to understand which parts of the tactic that my players are most unfamiliar wi
  2. Siriously, why so much of you guys play Gilbatar, are there any excite over there?
  3. Why need to wait for other teams increase their youth system to provide good youth talents while you can get the best domestic youth intake for yourself by maximum youth facilities as you can? Or you mean my team get the better domestic youth intake if only other teams also increase their youth system at the same time? I really don't clearly understand how this youth intake work, because I never been played a very long-save before.
  4. Thanks you, that's exactly what I wanted to know. I'm ready for next couple decades with Red Stars Belgrade now 😎
  5. My team is the top team in the league, so I have to play with a high pressing and possession dominated style in league games all of the season. So if i change this familiar system to a very defensive tactic when playing at the UCL, the players gonna be very awkward with this. How do you deal with this problem?
  6. I know it will depends on luck. But when you're Barcelona or Bayern Munich's manager, almost every season you'll get at least 1 or 2 youth intake with superb to excellent potential, i mean Champions League's potential. Will my Red Star get the same youth intake's quality if my team regulary playing in CL Knock-out, the facilities are maximum just like Barcelona?
  7. You won the Europa and regulary playing in CL quarter final, that's mean your first-team's quality right now is much better than the first season already, they have the same quality with some big teams in europe. So how about your youth intake? Are you get the youth intake better and better over the years? Are their quality and potential are equal with other europe big teams?
  8. Does better facilities help me recruit better regen? Or just help me train them to reach their potential faster? If all of my intake regen's potential aren't good enough, whaterver the good facilities I have, they still can't be world-class right?
  9. I need some helps here. I never been played any very long-save before, today I just started a save with Red Star of Serbia with expectation to build this team become a strong team in Europe, regulary present in Champions League Knock-out (better than Porto or Shakhtar Donestk). My questions are: - The league's rule is "no more than 4 foreign players in match", so i'm glady to build a team with pure domestic player. But I have to say Serbian players right now aren't good enough to challenge orther big europe's team (or they only want to move to bigger foreign clubs). So what should I do t
  10. I thinks if Football Manager's scout watch my wife playing football in real life, she definitely get more than 1 aggression attributes.
  11. Your words make some senses, i just looked at his stats, after 3 starting apps for senior team and 4 apps as substitutes, he got 100% tackle complete ratio (ranks 1st in my team), and 3.18 tackles per match (ranks 1st in all of my midfielders). But just few matches don't speak out so much, I've to keep an eye on him to clarify some doubts.
  12. He's born to do defensive jobs, good physical, tackling, decision, workrate but poor vision and flair. Beside that lack of aggression, may be the Anchor Man role is the only one solution here? He can't be a good RPM or Half-back with that poor vision and team work, The DM role still required him to close the opponent down quickly, can't do it with 1 aggression. Is any one of you guys using Anchor Man role in High Pressing, More Closing Down tactics? It sound not too good right?
  13. Thanks you guys, as I know there are alot of DM in real life play with low aggrresion style, but you can't win the ball from opponent with THAT low as my player. I think the phd_angel guy said above make some sense, may be I just discovered a Buddha reincarnated player lol
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