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  1. Season 4 Metalist 1925 Kharkiv Part 3 out of 8 July We only had one friendly due to league starting 9 days after pre season starts. Entire month I had to deal with raising fitness and plenty of injuries. It was really hard to get any sort of reaction out of the players. It is clear they dont respect me yet . Half time talks were terrible and it was hard to get them going in every game. Three 0:0 draws. An OK month. Team still getting used to the tactic . League table We are doing alright in the league for our first month. Some of the teams in this league have really good players. Especially teams like Mariupol, lviv, Karpaty and Volyn. All of those have recently been playing in Premie league. Honestly quite a tough league to manage in. Injuries Can't properly start the strongest 11 entire month. Squad stats Ryabushko is our top player by average rating. He does really well as a box to box. Not much end product but is solid every game Dekhtyarenko on the right wing with a few goals. Just have to get our strikers scoring more. Attendances We are first when it comes to the fans coming to our games. This would also put us SECOND in the premier league just behind Dynamo and over Shakhtar by 2 K fans! We have to get out of this league ASAP. This club is massive to be in the second tier . Month of August is very busy. 7 league games and a cup game against a team from tier 3 . Important that we start getting some form together.
  2. Yes Metalist was a great team to manage and now they have the new direction they are going with which is interesting to follow. I think as they start trying to fight for promotion they will have no choice but to expend their recruitment of players . Young promising ones still will leave to join Dynamo or Shakhtar. Thanks for your comments and advice though!
  3. I wish haha. But no in FM19 more youth teams were in leagues. In ukraine in level 3 and 4 there were a few youth teams and in Armenia and Belarus lower leagues ( downloaded databases ) they had youth teams playing in playable leagues . In FM20 its mostly reserve teams available. I always feel the effect of FM after the summer. When you watch a team play and get confused that some new wonder kid is playing for this team. You could have sworn he has been at Chelsea for years. I did try to schedule friendlies ( in the view i had them turned off from showing i think ) but even that was an issue often . For whatever reason many days i chose wouldn't have any teams show up as available to play on that day. I think the main issue for fitness was the fact we only trained two times a week as well. I really did want to stay but i tried to be as realistic as possible there. The team was clearly good enough to fight for promotion and if i am not taking them farther forward i have to step sideways and let another manager with new ideas and tactics to do the job.
  4. Season 4 Metalist 1925 Kharkiv Part 2 out of 8 Squad Going to start with the same tactic from last year at Obolon 2 GK Sydorenko Sydorenko is experienced and decent enough at this level. Has been at metalist for a long time. Dyakov Back up keeper is OK. Homegrown. RD Zastavnyi Starting right back. Very solid but not quick enough and aging. Gostev Back up . Young player with a bit of potential. CD Kurylo Kurylo is the best CD we have . Signed this summer on a free. Gromok I think he will be the other starting CD. Starosta Starosta has great physicals but the mantels scare me off a bit. I think hes the 3rd choice Avdieiv 4th choice LD Kovalenko Very average full back. Sokol He seems more solid defensively so he will be starting. RW Dekhtyarenko Hopefully my right winger star like the one i had at Obolon 2 Senyk OK back up CM Ryabushko As box to box as it gets at this level . He should be starting most games Dolgyi I like Dolgyi but i am undecided between him or Derek for the second starting CM spot Derek Worse technicals than Dolgyi but hes much faster which might be more important in 442 Tsybulnyk More defensive option if we need it. Solid player. If he was taller i would probably use him as a CD LW Prodanov He can cover many positions but for now he will fill the gap on the left wing. Like at obolon 2 my left winger is right footed once again, we will see if it works as well as it did before Comte Surprising french guy in the under 19s at metalist. He needs a lot of work but looks promising at 16! CF Kozlovskyi This is our best striker. After him its close between Granchar and Vyshnyakov . Performances will dictate who plays Vyshnyakov Granchar Dmytrenko This is a play maker but nobody wants to buy him and hes not defensive enough to be a CM 4th choice striker for now
  5. Season 4 Metalist 1925 Kharkiv Part 1 out of 8 My friend I am happy to announce Anton is now officially my assistant manager as well as he is doing a course for National C license! Summer in Ukraine can be really weird. Your first game of the season is a week after the pre season starts. There is a week to get a team together before the first game basically and transfer window lasts until august 31st. By that time 13 league games will be played out of the 30. Almost half a season! I did a lot of scouting , scouting with scouts, manual scouting. Clicking through teams and nations but it is impossible to improve the team without having to pay double the wages of our highest earning player for good players to come to metalist. Transfers Out Osman and Orbu were pre arranged Tsvirenko - 150 K I wanted to keep this guy but he came in with a transfer request to play for a bigger team. I declined at first but the entire team was dissapointed with my decision. They already have no reactions to my team talks so i did not want to ruin the morale even more and just let him go. Ciornil - 140 k Fast but that's all there was to him. Good money for him 140 k Transfers In Kovaleno and Holovko were pre arranged but i never see either of them playing for the first team. Kurylo - Free Kurylo comes as a replacement for Tsvirenko Ryabushko - Free This guy should be good in the middle. Highest earner at the club Sokol - Free The squad was missing another left back and this was the best i could get Board Board wants top half which i think is very do able Season Preview Predicted 6th by the media Salary Per Year We are 8th by salary per year I think top 5 is a must this year. The team is very average with no stars but also not many weak spots. Next update will be the entire squad analysis.
  6. Board Meeting Wow. That is a first. I have resigned from many many clubs over the last few FMs during different saves. Never saw a board ask me to reconsider. Even with teams where i have won leagues and champions leagues. I have not achieved anything with Obolon 2 yet. This made me think really hard again should i stay or should i go. Resigned There it is. Decision has been made and i look forward to the new challenge. I hope obolon 2 one day does get promoted so the youngsters of Obolon have a place to grow and play much better level of football. Contract Offer The very first interview was with a huge club in Ukraine. Metalist. I knew it was an absolute yes right away because i have a soft spot for the team in real life. They dissolved in 2016 but before that were the third best team in Ukraine for years. Metalist finished 3rd 5 times behind giants like Shaktrar and Dynamo. Back in 2008 - 2014 years Ukrainian league was much more competitive and had incredible players in it. Metalist itself has had many great players on their books. Edmar and Devic were legends for the club. Papa Gueye had interest from seria A teams when playing for Metalist. Current stars of Shaktar Taison and Marlos were discovered by metalists scouts and brought in for cheap and were amazing almost right away. Current Atalanta captain Gomez had a year at metalist where he was Phenomenal . It led to his move to atalanta. I knew this was a job i had to take. Contract Signed Here we go. New club. New challange. Course First things first i asked for a course and i am getting it . My friend Second thing i offered the assistant job to my dear friend from Obolon 2 . Anton should accept it in the following days and become my numbe 2 . Club Club is too big to be in the 2 tier of Ukraine. We have to get them promoted as soon as possible. Massive stadium with good training facilities. Previous finishes Metalist got promoted from the third tier and put up good fights the first few seasons. 4th and 5th. But then 11th and last seasons 8th place finish. Squad I have a squad of around 50 players including all the youth players. I have a week or two before the season starts ( fixtures haven't been announced yet ) Need to quickly see who is useful and who is not. First thought is i am sticking to the 442 i used at Obolon 2. Work from there. Some decent players here but also some that are completely useless. Transfer budget WOW wow. That is a lot. going from not being able to do transfers at all to half a million in the budget with 10 k wages , considering our highest paid player is on 600 per week is a massive step up. I have to be careful though since the club does not have great finances Finances In debt as of right now. There is a lot of work to do , analyze the squad, get players out , get players in, take care of the staff, deal with pre season friendlies. Do training schedules since i am at a professional club now that is possible. No more training twice a week. I am in charge of a big club now. Time to put in the work!
  7. Review 2021/2022 Top Leagues England Liverpool takes the title and the cup like United did last year Southhampoton with a terrible season. Great club goes down. France Wow. Lyone after winning the French cups just overtook PSG in the league Moncao with the cup win. Germany Abysmal season from Bayern as Borussia wins the league. Bayern also loses the cup final Italy Juve takes control of Italy back with a double. Spain Real Madrid finally gets the title after winning the Champions league so much. Ukraine Shakhtar does the double . Winning the league by goal difference! Champions league Real yet with another final in Champions League. Loss to liverpool on penalties however. Euro Cup Inter gets the Euro cup against Sevilla. Another year with Spanish teams getting to the finals of Champions League and Euro Cup. Losing this year unlike like last season.
  8. Season 3 Obolon-Brewer-2 Kyiv Part 5 out of 5 Course Great news I finished another course ! Profile The mental side of coaching has improved very well for me as a manager. April May WOW. Wow. Just speechless. We won the one game that was the most important and the one i was worried about but lost the two what i thought were easy games. League Table heartbreaking. We were doing very good for periods of the season but a few slips ups cost us so much. Squad stats Entire first 11 had a good season but we still somehow finished 3rd. Chystyak Once again the right winger is the main player. Chystyak had an even better season then the last. Shabanov Shabanov had a great season. Improved well and scored some important goals. Potopalskyi Potopalskyi ended up with 5 goals in 20 games from corners. He was solid with his tackling as well. First team league table First team once again stays up and we miss our chance to go up. Second season in a row. I think I gave two solid tries in the last two seasons and there is not much more i can do now. Either we get a very good youth intake where a player really takes us a step forward or some kind of really good tactical change happens ( i am never able to make unbeaten tactics ) My feeling is that i dont extend the contract and move on . It was three seasons in a solid league, figuring out what tactic i like to use , what kind of players work what kind don't. Maybe i have to go through the save with a feeling of we didn't achieve what we wanted in Obolon 2. We will see where we are at the start of next season.
  9. Season 3 Obolon-Brewer-2 Kyiv Part 4 out of 5 December Very unfortunate loss to the main rival in the league. But we bounced back with a good win. Course Perfect news. My coaching course is finally over. Profile Here is my profile. Almost one star reputation (15 percent). Some attributes going up as well. I do not know why my pressing style shows up as balanced. In my tactic i have extremely urgent pressing. they got the formation and mentality right at least. Board Request I got greedy and asked for one more.. and they said yes! Incredible. Team has no money but they are letting me do my courses. I have been doing saves with reserve and youth teams for the past few FMs and they always decline when it comes to doing courses. Not this team. Very happy. Course Before end of the season i should have National A license which is huge after only being a coach of a reserve team. January February March 3 months, 3 games. Fitness was hard to keep up since we are a semi pro team and also it was hard to make friendlies. Hard to keep form with such schedule as well. League table Still SUPER close top 3. We have 3 games left of the season against 8th, 9th and 3rd places in the league table right now. Game against Kalush will most likely decide if we finish 2nd or 3rd or even 1st if Girnyk slips up. Squad stats Hard loss to take is Chidomere for 3-5 weeks. He will miss important games. Shabanov is scoring for fun. The entire first 11 has been doing great the entire season. Just have to do good in the last three games now and we will get promoted!
  10. Season 3 Obolon-Brewer-2 Kyiv Part 3 out of 5 October October was a good month. Balkany scored two in first 20 minutes and we just couldn't get motivated to fight back. We scored 5 goals this month with 4 coming from Shabanov. Shabanov He is improving every time i see him it feels like. November November went okay. We should have won the game against Pokuttya tho. Completely dominated them. Silly points dropped. Against Uzhgorod Chidomere and Shabanov with two goals each also out center back Potopalskiy scored another goal. Hes got four so far this season in 12 games! Potopalskiy He is left footed which always helps with having a solid player on the left side of defense. Tall with 14 jumping reach, he wins most headers. League table Top 3 is very tight and our next game is against second place Girnyk! Might be the most important game of the season.
  11. Season 3 Obolon-Brewer-2 Kyiv Part 2 out of 5 Course HUGE news. I have been asking for a course for two seasons now and they finally gave me one! August, September We continued the wins with a tough game against Girnyk . Polissya scored in 87th minute . We keep switching off towards the end of the games constantly. Another win and we surprisingly lost to Veres. They have a weak team but they scored all their goals from corners. Might be a sign to re do the corner defensive set ups. League Table First in the league table but its very close . Somehow Podillya has 0 goal difference but are second in the league. Shabanov Deal I don't know if ill be here next season but great news for Obolon . They are keeping their young promising striker. Ivanov I decided to check on Ivanov, the promising striker we lost on a free last year. He looks even better now. Ivanov Career History And he is playing! Starting striker for a team a tier above us fighting for promotion. Not many goals but good for him! First Team League Table Unfortunately the first team is struggling this year. There are still a lot of games but they have had a terrible start so far.
  12. Season 3 Obolon-Brewer-2 Kyiv Part 1 out of 5 The year I am hoping we finally make the big step up . We started brilliantly . July Only 3 games but we completely dominated all three and looked so much more stable and balanced then previous seasons. League Table Leaves us at second since Kalush started great too, we dont meet them for another two months though. Arakelyan The left winger I don't think i've ever shown is having a great start to the season. I cant tell him to cut inside because I like to keep him as a winger but he seems to cut inside on his own without any player traits anyways. Three goals and one assist , he has been flawless in the first three games so far. Arakelyan career history As you can see he has had very average two seasons previously so he is a bit of a surprise. Squad Stats Team stats show that everyone has had a good month . Potopalskiy with two goals. Chystyak with assists as usual from the right. The two strikers up top scoring. Shabanov is RAPID and beats every defense we faced so far with his speed but just cant finish every chance he gets just yet. This month really has given me confidence for the rest of the season and the key now is to keep morale up, don't get any injuries and some luck and we should achieve our goals.
  13. Season 3 Obolon-Brewer-2 Kyiv I STAYED I have high hopes for this season. I think the regular players improved a little and the tactic has been slowly getting more stable over the last two seasons. Time to really push for promotion this year. New Contract New one year deal with a tiny raise. Season Preview We are predicted 6th this year. I want top TWO. Tactic The tactic for this year. Few changes from the last time I showed the tactic. The striker partnership changed to Poacher rather then AF and DLF on attack not support. B2B is introduced now and a CM-S as his partner. FB-S as well, wing backs just went too much forward but did not have the technicals to produce anything, should be more solid at the back. Very similar instructions except now Attacking mentality. Much higher defensive line and line of engagement in this version as well. I hope we can just overpower teams with constant pressure and direct passes into space. Squad Stats Here are the 22 players I plan on using. I plan on using the same starting 11 but we will see how injuries go this year. We have a new promising striker in the team other than that its the same squad. Shabanov Here he is. He is not as good as the striker we lost last year but I think he can do a job for us. He is very quick and has some nice attributes. I think this season I might do updates in installments of a few months. I really hope this is the year we stop being an average team and get promoted.
  14. Review 2020/2021 Top Leagues England United takes the title and the cup. France PSG dominating the league. Lyon gets second cup in a row. Germany Bayern with another close title win. Italy Huge surprise as Roma does the double. Very close win in the league. Spain Barca takes the title but loses the cup final to Real Ukraine Shakhtar wins the league once again and Dynamo gets the cup like last year. Champions league Real completely dominating the champions league . Euro Cup Barca gets the euro cup. Spanish teams are dominating European cups.
  15. Season 2 Obolon-Brewer-2 Kyiv Transfer Update Bad news to start the update with. We lost the jewel in our team. For free too. Friendlies The friendlies went okay in the winter break, just games to gain some fitness. Schedule We fell apart right from the start. the two most important games we lost both in the last 10 minutes of the game. Very hard losses to take. We started winning a few after but it was too late and we once AGAIN lost the last game in the last 10 minutes. League table Tough end to the season, I was really hoping we can make a push and do better then we did. Comparing to last season same amount of points but worst league position. No improvement at all. Team stats If you look closely you can see Ivanov was the real star in just 7 games he played . Ivanov Here he is again, constantly improving. Im sad we lost him but I hope my path crosses with his again one day. He played brilliantly for us in the time he had. Chidomere Chidomere stopped scoring as much towards the end as Ivanov took most goals but he was still a key player this year . Chystyak Chystyak with 9 assists as well and 5 goals. Real good season for him. Ostrovskiy Ostrovskiy as well had a good season from CM position. It is once again the core of those 3 players pulling the team on their shoulders. I have to mention Stepanenko this year. He was solid at the back. Stepanenko First team League Table To add salt to the wound first team stayed up which means if we played better we could have been promoted. Bokhashvili They are very much a one man team. This guy is carrying them on his back with the goals and assists. I have to re think what the plan going forward is. Another year where we look good at the start but finish mid table or just behind promotion places? Does not sound that attractive. Maybe time to move on and take a real team, maybe at the same level but something I can build with. Finally do some transfers, contracts, scouting. Have options when it comes to the tactics with the players I bring in not the players I am given. I know that if I do leave there is a feeling of job undone here, I think I improved a few players and even gave a youngster Ivanov a chance which lead to a big move to a big team but still, we have not achieved anything. I will wait and see whose contracts first team manager extends and who he lets go to make a final decision.
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