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  1. Yes I am; by the way, will the update effect current save b'cause some Chelsea/M'United players still share squad number
  2. I don't know if someone 've posted this before but just in case it hasn't been reported, I noticed AI players do share same squad number. I'll give an instance. Chelsea loans out Bakayoko, who happens to wear shirt #14 and then sign a player who is given the same squad number. When Bakayoko returns from loan he shares #14 with the player who it was given to
  3. It's here; please go through the international award sections ("Best players" most importantly) there's a lot of bug to review. The "Oceania player of the year" also have an issue Thanks :-) Gerizüed.dat.zip
  4. Could you please check if I've uploaded, just for confirmation. The save file name is Gerizüed.dat Thanks
  5. The maximum size that can be sent is 9.77mb. Except if there's any other place though which the save is sent
  6. Thanks. How do I attach a save file? I use a Lenovo A500
  7. Please could you make this More reasonable, A defensive Midfielder putting on No 9 isn't just it
  8. Could you resolve this, awardees appears at the overview but don't appear on the award hub
  9. Jorginho and Zouma share no 5 Drinkwater and Bakayoko share no 6 Tammy Abraham and Pedro share no 11 Ola Aina, Rahman and Loftus-cheek share no 12 Please fix this
  10. That's because there's no in-game sound for Football Manager Mobile.. Stop the acting already
  11. Hi i just wanted to let you know there's no Youth coach in my save.. for six seasons running.. when I hit the "search staff" button and tune my preferences to youth coach, I don't get any results. please fix this in your next update
  12. Hello SI.. was wondering if you could add a squad number feature in the upcoming edition.. thanks
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