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  1. I find it much more interesting, that they only reflect a players familiarity with a given role. It's much more realistic this way (or at least that's how I see it). I find it so interesting and inspiring to closely examine each players attributes and let them explore new (maybe better fitting) roles. In real life there are so many examples of this as well. Di Maria was utilized as a central playmaker after being a winger for many many years. Ramos from right back to central defender. Pirlo from a second striker/offensive playmaker to a deeplying playmaker. In the danish Superligaen, t
  2. I have never noticed reports having their roles and team mentality on. Is this just in a standard team scouting report? Or is it some custom skin?
  3. Have you tried a DLP(d) with the PPM Runs With Ball Often?
  4. I find this setup quite interesting. Now I actually just watched BTN video on Overloads. So the theory here, is that the overloading side is on attack in order to draw defenders and midfielders out of position in order to make room for the right side attacking the empty space. Now this is done with midfielders on attack duty. So im curious to see how well supporting roles can/will do the same thing. Are defenders really going to be threatened and leave their position against a DLP and WM on support? Have you actually tried this, or is it just theory crafting? If you haven't I mig
  5. Are you guys actually buying who fits in with the rest of the team/tactic when you set up the game. Or are you just looking for great bargains/wonderkids? Nothing wrong with either, simply just curious.
  6. I actually tried doing it as well, inspired by this exact video. I do feel that you kind of have to pick one of many different variations that Guardiola opts for, since he's trying a lot of different things. (At least that's how i see it) For me i tried focusing on the widespread wingers, with inverted backs. Didn't get to work with it enough for me to be satisfied. I did play with a much weaker team, and it seemed that having 2 inverted backs kinda flooded the midspace too much, making my midfielders lose a lot of balls due to the lack of time and space. I do however feel that the in
  7. How are these tactics getting tested? Are you actually playing out the season, or is it a simulation?
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