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  1. yes yes, I'm also a member of him, and I know that he is one of the mgiliori but there are concepts that for language reasons I can not understand. Other FM is an English game and therefore your "community" has more experience
  2. I would really like to see some videos (even 5 hours if necessary) that explains these steps that I think are very important even before the tactics, moreover the FM forum is only in English and I have trouble understanding everything that is written. anyway I thank you
  3. Yes, I know that , but I do not know how to create the tactics starting from those data. Example, if I see that my team has the highest teamwork,off the ball of the whole League what can I do in the game?
  4. would you be so kind as to show me some screen especially of the second point? I've heard of it often, but honestly I do not know where and how to start.Thank's man
  5. "If I managed your team, I would know exactly what tactics I would use and why" what do you look at exactly?
  6. I would need guides on how to set up the teams and on how to create them, unfortunately there are unhappily Italian forums that satisfy me
  7. At the beginning of the season do you use the team relationships? What qualities do you look first? I know that maybe it's a long speech but I'd like to get to know the tactical question because I do not want to adopt plug & play tactics.Thanks
  8. forgive English, help me with the translator.Which method do you use to understand your strengths and can you give some examples? What is the next step?
  9. but how nice this thread.I am a lover of 442, also for FM19 you will propose new ones? And also other modules? Super nice work and also an illustrious that makes the concepts very well
  10. It's what I want too.Probably we should "study" real tactics and then put them into practice (as far as possible) in FM
  11. the problem is that I speak English through a translator. I actually play FM for a few years,for example, the edition of fm18 I used your tactics and I found myself very well
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