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  1. Usually not, because I like to use a tactic to the end, so as to test whether a tactic is good or not. Sorry to hear from you. It's also very important for this generation of on-the-spot teams to talk I need some time to update my new tactics.
  2. Sorry to see that! Thank you! This is optional, but if you find that the tactics are adapted, change the tactics! My suggestion is to rotate every other season!
  3. Brother, thank you for your test! It's like this. Before this generation, I always adhered to the Tiki Taka style. Since 20 years ago, I have tried the direct passing style similar to the famous knap's magic formation and some imitated tactical series. With a lot of instructions, sometimes I don't know why some seasons or tactics are similar. However, you can try to change your tactics or encourage shouting in the game. Finally, I will update the final version of Tiki Taka, but it will take time!
  4. Brother, just see. Do you mean the players' attribute requirements? It's better to be technical, passing, vision and teamwork. Especially in midfield.
  5. You're welcome, brother! Of course, because I think the responsibility of players has the least impact on other settings in FM. As long as you play well in your team, it's OK. There's no need to follow me completely!
  6. Each has its own characteristics. It's hard for the FM20 generation to have all-around tactics. It depends on which style you like!
  7. 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 mixed version 4.0 I used the engine to simulate the next Royal Betis and Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga, The former is fourth in the whole season, 2 points behind Atletico Madrid, and the latter is third in the half-way League, in which the pharmaceutical company and Bayern won away. But home lost to the promotion. Of course I had an emotional problem in the dressing room. This generation doesn't feel that it is particularly suitable for all teams, but rather focuses on team configuration and adaptation
  8. In 4-2-3-1, I will choose AMC, DMC in 4-3-3, MC in 3-5-2 In 442 system, select MCR or MCL, Personally, I don't think OPI setting is too much. I usually only focus on the core of midfield organization You can also set it the way you like
  9. AMC AND DMC , Because these two positions are usually playmaker Of course, you can also set it up as you like. It's better not to exceed three positions on the field.
  10. OPI: AMC and DMC,. These two positions are usually the core roles of the organization. You can also set them as you like。
  11. I suggest 4-2-3-1 The engine of FM20 has begun to be more reflected in the staffing requirements of different playing methods, and it also needs time to run in.
  12. Sorry, brother. I don't mean anything else. I mean I like the style and stick to it. Everyone has different preferences. Thank you for your support and appreciation of playgm. Fmer is a family, no matter each other or country. Football brings us together
  13. Hey, guys. This is my fm2020 tactics, still my favorite Tiki Taka style. Now the engine is more and more difficult, and Al is more and more intelligent. I hope this formation can help you! I don't like the matrix style! Also seldom use attack mentality to do tactics! I'm a fan of Arsenal and Barcelona!!! My tactics got good feedback in the domestic forum, so bring it to share with you!!! In addition, if your club is a Premier League club, you can cancel the order of fierce robbery! Because your average CA ability can ensure your control on the court, there is no need to go to th
  14. 19.2.0 4-4-2 !Don't fine-tune the game except for a change of players. Course Size Standard AND wide Talk to Assistant Coaches
  15. 谢谢你 帅哥 ,爆棚打不开,玩了一周了,做的第一个战术 !
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