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  1. I've found it works brilliantly for the Inside forward only but the Car will return unspectacular ratings, thats what happenedfor me anyway
  2. Pau Torres from Villareal. Jumping 17!
  3. Hi mate, he isn't quite up to the standard I'm looking for and although I'm sure he'll do a job for me, his attributes are a tad low for me! Thank you though
  4. I guess Havertz was a bad example as I have also seen some success with him. Maybe Justin Kluivert?
  5. Hello, In your opinions, who is your FM20 Wonderkid XI? This will differ according to your preference of formation and style of play. I like to play the standard 4-1-2-3 with a gegenpress tactic and here is my wonderkid XI. GK Donarumma LB Katterbach LCB Upamecano RCB Konate RB Alexander-Arnold CDM Florentino Luis LCM Bellingham RCM Baro LW Unaver RW Elliott ST Mbappe
  6. Jerome Onguene from Red Bull Salzburg. Normally you can pick him up for 15.75m at the start of the game and if you don't, usually ends up at Spurs, City or Munich on mine.
  7. Same here lol but that's not the point! 🤣
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a young BBM between age of 17-24. Doesn't have to be creative, I prefer good mental attributes. Zakaria is the winner for me at the moment Thank you LDP
  9. I have had this on many occasions. I.e. United offered 30m for Chukwueze ACCEPTED and I offered 30m REJECTED and wanted 57m 🙄
  10. 3. N Kenneh from Leeds on a free (tribunal) - 16yr old beast of a CDM who, given the right Developement, will eventually become world class in the game. 2. Reguilon from Real Madrid on a free - If you're looking for a bargain left back you can snap this guy in season 20-21, offering him a contract half way through 19-20. After one season Arsenal offered 54m for him. 1. Mbappe - need I say more?
  11. Kai Havertz. Now don't get me wrong his attributes are incredible but he never seems to perform for any team he goes to in my saves, always averages a 6.90 rating.
  12. Always sell him Keeping Adrian for at least 1 more year with the hope of snapping up BurkI from Dortmund on a free at end of 2021, but that doesn't always happen therefore worst case I'll end up using Grabara and/or Kelleher as my backup GK(s). Like Klopp in real life, as long as my first choice goalkeeper is world class I don't mind too much the quality of the 2nd choice as I think it's a waste of money/wages to splash out on one.
  13. Maybe a backup forward/Winger? Along the lines of Gnabry/Kluivert. I always end up buying 3 players LB Katterbach - Koln 8m-12m CB Onguene - RB Salzburg 15.75m CDM Kenneh - Leeds FREE (775k compensation) Then in the summer after I'll go and buy Timo Werner as I prefer to keep things more realistic the first season.
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