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  1. 97-98 as a Barnsley fan, even though we got relegated it was our only ever season in the top flight
  2. Never nice seeing Barnsley relegated :'( On a side note, Arsenal should never have been promoted to the old First Division all those years ago. Barnsley finished above them, but the FA had a meeting and decided to promote Arsenal instead because they were 'more fashionable'. Sad times for us
  3. Thanks, much appreciated
  4. When I create the first round of the competition in the basic rules, I'd like to add around 1,000 teams, but when I enter a large number like this it automatically snaps to a maximum of 512. That kind of thing
  5. Is there a way for me to change the max number of teams in a comp/per stage in the basic rules without exporting as XML and manually editing? So I can just add more teams in the editor?
  6. Thanks, I'll give that a go
  7. Basic. Is that where I'm going wrong? The logic in the rules all checks out - it just seems to be ignoring it
  8. I've made a Champions League kind of competition using Club Continental Rules using 'World' as the continent. It works, but doesn't seem to use the right teams. It's set up to pull teams from literally every nation (minus Lichtenstein and Netherlands Antilles due to lack of clubs), yet when the competition starts up in the game most big nations don't have representation. Strangely enough, Germany does have teams in the competition. But no sign of England, Spain, Brazil etc. Any ideas?
  9. I get that, but how do you define what's exploiting the engine? How do you know if you've just stumbled across an ace tactic in your dabbling or if you've just found a dirty ME cheat? That's the problem and is why the ME needs some serious work IMO.
  10. If we're chasing a goal we lump Moore, Adebayejo/Brown and Thiam in one central unit like that, but yeah, two of them typically start as more of an attacking inside forward role. Still, my feedback was that the match engine is become increasingly easy to manipulate, and it's a problem. Where do you draw the line as to where a system is 'genuine' and 'exploititive'? Is there just a certain cut off of success?
  11. That's our tactic IRL right now, our new manager Daniel Stendel is a good mate of Klopp and Wagner and he's got us playing this exact system to a tee. We were steamrollering teams 4-0 repeatedly earlier in the season until the rest of the league figured out what to do with it, now it's all going to pot lmao
  12. Don't know whether to put this in feedback or tactics, but my Barnsley team using a Gegenpress 4-3-3 narrow just won the FA Cup in first season. No restarts, no edits, nothing. Can't claim any credit because I didn't really have to do anything, so just posting because it felt very unrealistic and killed the immersion a bit. Gegenpress is definitely overpowered and needs balancing, I need there to at least be some struggle lol. Attached is semi final for ridiculousness. *Worth noting team cohesion/happiness etc is all very green, so that might be the overpowered bit, I dunno
  13. I'm creating a league structure with some regional leagues, with boundaries set. However, this runs with the issue of the teams (location wise) being promoted from one tier not always matching with the teams coming down. This isn't normally a big issue - the game will automatically allocate the teams in each tier to the best arragement every season. However, the editor gives you the option for the parent competition to have minimum and maximum teams. So I can have minimum 20 and max 24 teams per league to try and keep the boundaries tighter. This works flawlessly in game, one season a league may have 20 teams, then the next 22, then 21 etc depending on the regions of the teams coming up and down. However, how do I make a cup with these leagues? If I set the cup up it tries to bring the number of teams that are in each league in the first season, so 22 from regional A, 20 from Regional B etc. Then the next season it will try to pull the same number from these divisions, but Regional A might only have 21 teams - so that won't work. How do I make a cup?
  14. National Divisions will be 3 up, 3 down. 2 go up automatically, 1 through playoffs. 2 go down automatically, 1 through relegation playoff.
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