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  1. Haven;t had the chance to play over the xmas period, gonna head back into it now, will keep you guys updates with the national team.
  2. Don't think i'm going to bother doing huge club side updates as last season meant i've now won literally everything possible with the Club team, Serie A, Italian Cup, Champions League, Super cup (both European and Italian) and the Club world cup too. This season (2026/27) i won Serie A by 16 points clear at the top ahead of Roma and the Italian Cup for the 3rd season in a row. In terms of Italy I'm the team to beat, however it is time to start introducing some youth prospects into the first team starting with CB Nicola Zafferani, still only 19, valued at £4.2m, next season i have a couple more to add into the first team that aren't quite ready just yet.
  3. This is exciting, could mean not having to top your qualification group to qualify for the euros
  4. I think the tactic i'm using is the key tbh, there is no way i should have drawn with Austria and Bosnia and beaten Hungary
  5. does anyone know if winning your nations league group gives you a play-off spot like in real life?
  6. A little later than promised but here is my full update League Table Won the league with a few games spare, 7 points clear of Inter, finished with most goals scored and lest conceded, interestingly how poor Juventus are doing in my save, every other save i've seen they seem to be very OP, they've performed poorly in my save and have finished mid-table a few seasons in a row. They even looked like they would be relegated for a long time this season before they put a run together to climb the table. Other competitions A very successful season as far as comps go winning literally everything. Finances and overview Income is crazy, the new stadium boosted gate receipts by around £10m in half a season. Youth intake Once again a pretty good intake with players who will probably go on to be Serie B/A who will do well for the national team, pick of the bunch this year being this guy need to train him as an Inside Forward ideally to try and fit in with my tactical set up but should manage to do that. National team Smashed the nations league, looking forward to testing myself against better teams. I also took over the national team seems though i finally have a few decent youth prospects and in my two Euro cup qual. games so far i have hammered Faroe Islands 5-1 and managed to scrape a 1-1 draw with Austria, however i still have Hungary, Bosnia and croatia to play and i expect to lose all of those games. I sit 155th in the world rankings, thought i might have gained some places after my draw with Austria but i remained in 155th
  7. Sooooo, another year gone by and a very successful one at that in terms of the club, new stadium was ready by December at a capacity of 19,408 and my average attendance for the season is 99%, too early to ask for an expansion? in terms of competitions i basically won everything, Serie A, Italian cup, Italian Super Cup and most impressively i even somehow managed to win the UEFA Champions cup against Milan winning 5-3 in the final and had to overturn first leg defeats to both Liverpool and Chelsea in the run up, i'll post screens of this tomorrow if i get chance. Bank balance is sitting at £184m currently, i brought in £91m worth of prize money this year which is just insane, more than twice the amount the TV money is worth. I also took over the national team seems though i finally have a few decent youth prospects and in my two Euro cup qual. games so far i have hammered Faroe Islands 5-1 and managed to scrape a 1-1 draw with austria, however i stll have Hungary, Bosnia and croatia to play and i expect to lose all of those games.
  8. Didn't quite get to do a full update yesterday as i had to leave for work here are some very promising youth prospects: Zafferani in particular looks like he could become world class if he develops well, had him coming off the bench in a few Serie A games so far this year to get some experience, he is also training with the first team and is part of a mentoring group. Overview As you can see my finances are ridiculously good, balance is over £100m, mainly down to selling Robaina to Barcelona, the deal was worth £60m upfront with £23m over four years plus another £11.75m afer 20 league appearences and 20% profit of any sale they make. not bad for a £9m signing two years ago. Managed to keep hold of Uros Buser the young keeper and Denis Escudero the other young striker however as no bids seemed to be coming in for Robaina until the last few days i loaned him out to Man City so when Robaina left i was left with only my backup striker (Rhian Brewster) to fill the gap, i couldn't recall Escudero from man city as it was within 28 days so i've loaned Paco Alcacer from real madrid until january where i will recall Escudero.
  9. here we go with the latest screenshots of my game, will take us from the end of 2022 season until Sep 2024 Season 22/23 League Table 4th place finish on the last day, needed a win vs Inter to overtake them. Transfers: A couple of promising youngsters signed, take particular notice of Robaina in future transfers. 23/24 League Table A one position increase on last year, to be fair I holidayed a lot of this season Transfers: Signed a few loans as some of the guys i bought didn't fit into my non eu regulations so ended loaning those back out and re-replacing them with loans until the next season. 24/25 (current season) Transfers: Some very tidy profits on a few players i bought a year or two back, Caglar Soyuncu signed on a free and sold for 7.5m one year on, Facundo Collido signed on a free and sold for 2.5m a year later and most notably Ricardo Robaina signed for 9m and sold for 94m two years later.
  10. A new stadium is a massive boost, for mine I got sponsors for around half and a loan from a local investor with repayments of £230k a month which should be easily covered form the extra revenue. Having a debate with myself what to do with regards to those young strikers i have, tempted to keep hold of them and go with a 4-2-4 formation this year as their value is only going to rise, going to offer Escudero (Robaina's potential replacement) a new contract to get rid of that 27m release clause. I also have 31 year old Rafinha who i signed on a free transfer last year picking up interest from teams who is valued at £30M, his value is only going to decrease so might be wise of me to sell him on while his value is still so high and make a £30m+ profit on him.
  11. No problem at all we all got our business to do. I'll post some screens again tomorrow. The kid I was planning to replace Robaina with is also getting bids for him, downside for me is that he has a £26.5m release clause (compared to Robaina's £93m) , so bids from inter Milan, napoli and Juventus all had to be accepted and he only went and turned them all down, still interest from Man City though so this transfer saga could still develop.
  12. That is a very nice youth intake indeed, it's taken me until season 6 to get anyone to be really excited about, a few that will play for the national team but not be superstars. Season 6 complete and managed a 3rd place finish in Serie A, a one position increase on last year, won the Italian cup but was absolutely hammered in my Champions League group finishing bottom. Signed a couple of free transfers/ transfer listed players but cheap but their wages are starting to creep up (one guy wanted 125k p/w which simply wasn't going to happen). The two wonderkids i signed a couple of seasons ago i posted about (Buser and Robaina) are both wanted by giant clubs. Robaina finished top goalscorer in all of Europe last year and is now worth an amazing £54m, might look to cash in on that as i've bought another promising striker i loaned out to Palermo (mid table) and got 11 goals in 24 games for them so i already have my replacement lined up. Got a couple of good players in my youth intake this year, one has the potential to be a leading Serie A player and he made his debut in the last game of the season (3rd place was already garunteed), might keep him on the bench of the first team for most games and sub him on if i'm wining by 3-4 goals. Bank balance is looking good, £44m. This season is the year i move to my new stadium however is has been delayed 4 months (bloody builders ey) so won't be moving in until october, this should see revenue from gate receipts rise massively going from 5,500 seater to a 19,000 seater stadium
  13. So i finally got round to finishing season 5, very tense last match vs Inter needing a win to secure 4th place which was held by Inter themselves, managed to scrape a 2-1 win to qualify for the champions league next year, also came runner up in the Euro Cup to Athletico Madrid getting beat 3-2 in the final. Next year the board have given me a crazy budget (450k p/w in wages and £31.7m transfer budget) not that i intend on spending anywhere near those amounts. Bank balance currently stands at £47m Not many youth prospects developing as much as i'd like them to though
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