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  1. Still don't see anything unfortunately, disabled my anti-virus and tried it too and there's nothing.
  2. Yeah so that's what the problem is, it's not showing up in game. Will this be under review now for a solution?
  3. I'm shift tabbing and downloading the files inside the game by clicking 'Workshop', unless there's another way to download them from the Workshop in game that I don't know about?
  4. Hi, I've tried downloading two things off the Steam Workshop, both a tactic and a view. I've tried importing them into the game and they aren't in the folder - they also aren't in the folder on Explorer.
  5. SadMintCake

    Your best piece of business?

    Got to my second season with Inter Milan in FM18. Leroy Sane transfer listed, was forced to sell Perisic (Madrid) - got Sane for 15 million. Slotted in at that left wing role and he played even better than Perisic did.