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  1. Still don't see anything unfortunately, disabled my anti-virus and tried it too and there's nothing.
  2. Yeah so that's what the problem is, it's not showing up in game. Will this be under review now for a solution?
  3. I'm shift tabbing and downloading the files inside the game by clicking 'Workshop', unless there's another way to download them from the Workshop in game that I don't know about?
  4. Hi, I've tried downloading two things off the Steam Workshop, both a tactic and a view. I've tried importing them into the game and they aren't in the folder - they also aren't in the folder on Explorer.
  5. Got to my second season with Inter Milan in FM18. Leroy Sane transfer listed, was forced to sell Perisic (Madrid) - got Sane for 15 million. Slotted in at that left wing role and he played even better than Perisic did.
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