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  1. Is it possible to change a network games password once the game is already in progress? If so, how?
  2. Okay thanks Adonalsium, I have a network game tonight so see how it goes!
  3. Sorry I scrapped it as it just wasn't working for me despite it seeming to suit the players I have.
  4. Hi, well I do want to play counter attacking because as you say my team lack all technical skills. Is it really as simple as choosing one of the template formations and going from there? As my problem is my fast players dont seem to want to use their pace during the games. I'm not going to win games with this team by skill, so brute force pace seems the best way to go!
  5. Hi Adonalsium, thanks for replying. I have attached a screenshot with the info you requested, hopefully this helps although it is pretty big. Cheers!
  6. Okay, rather than just post a formation and ask where I am going wrong, what I would like to do is show you what stats I have to work with and rebuild from there. I dont think downloaded tactics help in the long run as I like to understand why certain tactics work. I'm currently 3 seasons into a network game with Plymouth, got them promoted first season through the playoffs, second season promoted via 2nd place and so find myself in the Championship and not doing too well... Board gave me £21k to spend this season (yes £21k not £21m) so non-loanees are not an option. So 25 games in and I'm 21st and 3 points above the dreaded relegation zone. Ive attached screenshots of our player stats in comparison to the rest of the division. As you can see I'm pretty much bottom of the majority apart from pace - btw this wasn't something I purposely set out to achieve although I do like to sign players with pace its not the be all and end all to me. So looking at these screenshots, am I destined to have zero chance this season or can I build a formation to take advantage of the pace (and my keepers long throws, ha!) What I have tried so far is a counter attacking style, but even though my players are fast, they are just not getting forward enough and when they do they seem to hit dead ends often. My best players are: 1 x BWM (support) 1 x Mezzala (Sup) 1 x Full back (Sup) 1 x CD (def) and my goal keeper. One of my strikers can play AML (inverted winger), and he has excellent Long shots and Finishing but should I just forget about playing anyone in AML/AMR and be a lot more defensive? Rest of the positions are below average. Not much info to go on but thought it might be fun to work from the ground up to create something that might stop the rot. I have tried a 4141 formation but the fast wingers are just not using their pace, I'm sure its down to tactical instructions that I've never got my head around fully. Cheers!
  7. Why is the overall performance summary LOWER than any of the ratings in the breakdown? It makes no sense like this, surely the overall performance rating should be an average of those parts? There is not one "E" rating in there.
  8. I could accept this as fact, but the quality of staff being recommended are far inferior to those I already have on staff. Maybe this needs looking at by you guys? Possible bug.
  9. They keep recommending staff for positions that I have already filled, such as director of football. Is this a bug, or are they trying to tell me the staff I have need replacing? Seems to happen all the time across multiple game saves.
  10. Thankyou. Looking forward to part 3 of your article, as I am giving your tactic a try
  11. Don't actually know, but knowing him he's an ex-world class footballer. I'm presuming this has a major effect?
  12. Do human managers get preferential treatment over their AI counterparts? I am currently playing in an online game with 3 friends. We all started out in the English League one, a random draw for our teams. One friend did poorly, was rock bottom half way through the season, and was on a warning from the chairman, yet somehow managed to jump ship to another league one club who were mid-table at the time. Fast forward to near the end of the first season and his second club were also in turmoil, approval rating rock bottom and he managed to get a job in a league higher before he was sacked again. He started the next season, did badly yet again, relegation zone for weeks on end, but managed to get a job up in the Premier league where he is now rock bottom again. Why is he managing to get jobs so easily, does the game take no account of previous career results? On the verge of the sack 3 times, yet now managing a Premier league team. Doesn't seem very realistic does it? Do human players just get any job applied for?
  13. Hi Neil. Only just returning to this thread but I solved the problem. If I go into the "FM" tab then choose "Preferences" and press continue from within the preferences menu it moves along perfectly OK then. Weird.
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