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  1. Somehow I can't use the search bar and some keys have switched over, i.e if I click on a player and press the left arrow to go back it would cycle through the players in that squad I've reset the shortcuts to default and nothing still works, it only happened recently Edit: When I click on the game and then click back to Chrome and scroll down it will change the screen size like I've pressed down CTRL and scrolled to change it like normal Edit2: OK I seemed to have fixed it by pressing CTRL+F to search and everything is now working fine I spoke too soon, it works until I
  2. Patience, its easier if the image is of ethnic, there's also a mod that will replace all images with a number so its easier to see, I'll link it if I find it
  3. I was thinking of doing it UK based, so you could sign anyone from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales
  4. This database edit makes it so all the current playable teams in Scotland can only sign Scottish players as part of their Club Culture and all none Scottish players have released, I've also put Scotland's Youth Rating up to 160 just to make things a bit easier I plan on doing all teams in the UK and hopefully the top countries Feel free to download and test and report any bug you find as this is my first time trying a Database edit and would like to continue if it drums up enough interest https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2095762940
  5. Clear cache is only if you add a new face while the game is running, basically its refreshing all the graphics so when you reload the new faces will appear
  6. Nothing that should take to long but a DB where you have to sign players from your own country, even telling what option to use in the editor and I can do it myself
  7. Not sure if its the skin or the newest update to FM but each month when you get the Important Dates in XX its just blank Like I said not sure if its from the skin ( as I never really payed much attention to it ) or from the update
  8. Preferences > General, very bottom setting
  9. Seems to be working now (y)
  10. Make sure you have the in game editor enabled
  11. Yeah I'm the same, I keep crashing when trying to load up the game
  12. Preferences > General, and its at the bottom
  13. I'm sure this is the skin but most of the text will be in Korean but some will also be in English
  14. This is what the Att boxes are https://imgur.com/25Sf8j3 and this is without ( which I find more appealing ) https://imgur.com/4t0uegn
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