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  1. I didn't look through the files, I thought the template might have been bundled, my bad It shouldn't be too hard to recreate it, I can give it a go
  2. Hope these help https://www.fmscout.com/q-1488-CT裟s-Carbon-Logos-FM10.html
  3. Yeah it will take a while but since they are bundles by race its a bit easier to find
  4. Could try Wayback Machine and see if you can still get the download link
  5. I'm not sure you can unless you can download the default standard logos and treat it as a custom logo and see if it overwrites it that way
  6. Ass man always says to the players at the end of the game to keep it up etc in the 2nd half https://imgur.com/TmNh8wk
  7. Sadly I don't have a save state before this would have unlocked but I could upload my save but I think its just a few months after taking over a new club, as for the Spread the news, I tried it in the Beta state, and I could click on Post to Twitter while reading a game we won in the Inbox but when I click post it would log out of Twitter and I'd have to enable it back in preferences but would always disable it https://www.mediafire.com/file/x3tbzssmtibsoa9/Jamie_Aubrey_-_Clyde2.fm/file
  8. I'm the same with Clyde, I'm on my 25th season or so, also I still can't gte the Spread the News and Goal of the Month, these are the last 3 I need to 100%
  9. I don't mean to post here but what requirements do I need to get on the leaderboard ? I've done 25 seasons on one save and only have 700+k I am using custom data and the IGE but haven't used it
  10. Wrong place but they where broken, not sure if the new update fixed them, not had the chance to play lately
  11. What setting do I change to have this show up always without having to hover over it
  12. Goal of the season Goal of the month These 2 seem to be broken, my player just got the goal of the season and no achievement from it
  13. I no longer have the save before the intake, I could have a save for the next intake, in a couple of hours if this would help Here is a save just before the next intake https://www.mediafire.com/file/y5fiz7z1bee6f47/Jamie_Aubrey_-_Clyde.fm/file
  14. Pretty much the title, When I try to connect my Twitter it connects fine but if I advance to the next day etc and check it again it will have un-connected I've tested with a custom skin and the default skin and it still happens
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