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  1. The point being that in the real world, the manager doesn't get to decide what job the Director of Football does..... the Director of Football is HIS boss.
  2. You may be 100% correct mate. But here are these numbers again to show that I'm not alone.... Cash down from £1m to £51k, turnover down from £14m to £8m, liabilities up from £2.1m owed to £3.55m owed. So evidently I'm one of many to abandon the franchise, I'm late in getting bored.... think many got bored after FM15. Its all well and good performing your role as paid monkey admirably and toeing the party line, but if I were you I'd see that the game needs to change its direction if you are to keep your job.
  3. Its also the reality at Barnsley, Norwich, Wolves, Tottenham, Huddersfield, and countless other clubs which now have a head coach model and Director of Football / Technical Director which signs players. FM is behind the curve with this.
  4. It is not realistic for a Football Manager to sit in a room to negotiate a contract with a player and an agent. And to be able to turn on and turn off his Director of Footballs responsbilities, like I saw somebody say they do depending on transfer on another thread on here.
  5. Oh its all so realistic that the manager of Bolton could sit down and negotiate the contract of a player isn't it..... are there any managers in the top two divisions of English football these days who would decide how much they are going to pay a player and for how long? The bloody Chief Exec or Director of Football does that, and would probably need to be rubber stamped by a vote at boardroom level. Most clubs now have a Head of Player Recruitment, Director of Football and Head Coach.... or even a transfer committee. In Football Manager you would be offering a contract to Fellaini.
  6. When you have been buying and playing the same game every year for 18 years.... its a big part of your life, and a big decision to break the habit of a lifetime. Clearly I've been loyal to the franchise for a long time, but there is a limit to how often I want to shell out £37 for a game which doesn't seem to really ever evolve. By the way.... in late 90's / early 00's versions of the game, you could actually have a player get a 10 match ban for punching a referee.... so is that suggestion so crazy? Also, in football you get players retire early do to injury. That would be an
  7. Good for you, glad you are happy. I'm not, so I'm done with it. I've found the lack of innovation has rendered the game boring, so I'll find something more enjoyable.
  8. Chow. Ps.... worrying turnover figures, rising liabilities and worrying lack of cash at Sports Interactive. Sorry to see that they are sleepwalking into oblivion, often happens at tech firms when the ideas run out and the innovation stops. Perhaps they ought to use their database to bring out 'Football Chairman 2019' and 'Football Agent 2019', and if they were really clever they'd find a way to link their three titles together. Might bring back some of their customers... evidently I'm one of many to give up on the game in recent years.
  9. As for the "feature request", what a joke. Like I said, I've lost faith in the developers. Been reading those feature requests for years and there are countless number of features which have been suggested year after year by numerous people and they never get implemented. I see your Steam rating is poor again this year, congratulations.
  10. If it were about football management then some jobs you'd be a "head coach" and having a Director of Football or crazy owner signing your players for you. Is it realistic that a manager can dictate what a Director of Football does and does not do, on a daily basis if they wanted? More realistic is that in you interview you state "I want full control over transfers" and then that is what you get, or you state "I am happy to work under a Director of Football" and then you have to leave your job for another one if you want to have full control like Sir Alex Ferguson. This isn't 19
  11. For the first time since Championship Manager 97/98 I'm not buying the annual release of this game. Even bought both 'Championship Manager' and 'Football Manager' when the split occurred and both were released. Just becoming boring with a lack of quirks.... How about a football manager where players can fail drug tests? (some covered up as injuries, some public), get 10 match bans for biting or pushing the ref. How about warnings and fines for tapping up players? How about arguments between club managers and international managers about players getting call ups?
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