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  1. It would appear that it has been fixed through another update that has just come up!
  2. Unfortnately that doesn’t work for me and even with the update that has just happened it still does not work and I still cannot continue
  3. Hey FM what is the update on this please as you cannot continue to play the game as it stands!
  4. Even though there has now been a massive update, I still cannot get past graduating youth players at the beginning of a season! Not had this problem before! The date I am in is 25 June 2045 and cannot continue
  5. Does this not warrant a response as this has completely messed up my game!
  6. This really needs sorting! I cannot sell anyone or loan my kids out!
  7. No I didn’t move to the new spurs stadium after the first season at all! It was after four years I moved!
  8. When I bought him at 26 his stamina was at 13 but after the first season I had him it dropped to 8 and wouldn’t go higher than 9 no matter how long he was in fitness training! As soon as I took him out of fitness as his other stats dropped his went down again!
  9. Christian Vergini and Claudio Gaitán are the player but I have sold them on now, so cannot remember the injuries!
  10. Yes it was a new stadium which I was asked to name it!
  11. No I moved into it this was quite some time ago!
  12. I had this done also with spurs! The player who I have since bought back didn’t have a clause! Unfortunately this was quite a few seasons ago now so I do not have any photos!
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