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  1. Is it possible to estimate or be informed when/if this will get fixed? thank you.
  2. In Advanced rules, nation, transfer, loan rules you can change them only for Spain and England. (Pre-game editor) I can't change them for any other league. I would like to change them for Slovenia but nothing is working, so I tried with a bunch of other countries and they can only be changed for England and Spain.
  3. Matija23

    [Slovenia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    (Slovenia) Max of 2 loans can't be changed in the editor link to my previous post Why can't I manually edit and turn off this rule?? & can't have affiliated in the same division even though Maribor has 2 clubs in the same division at the start of the game. So they get canceled after the first season. Could it be possible to change this?
  4. Matija23

    Max of 2 players allowed on a loan

    Thank you! No need to rush
  5. Matija23

    Max of 2 players allowed on a loan

    There are no original rules, it is completely blank. This is a new rule that didn't exist in last years FM.
  6. Matija23

    Max of 2 players allowed on a loan

    I have set it to "Edited rules (overrides All Original rules)"
  7. Matija23

    Max of 2 players allowed on a loan

    Thanks, but nothing happens.
  8. Matija23

    Max of 2 players allowed on a loan

    Yes I have set it to -1 and it's still the same (also have used other values), and also set up other loan rules... It is under Slovenia transfer rules right?
  9. "Maximum of two players allowed on loan from a team in the same division at one time" I have been tinkering in the editor for a few days now with no success. Any help will be much appreciated.
  10. My Intel I3 2120, 8 gb ram ddr3 1333,gt430, ssd takes about 7:16. Then I removed one ram stick and the result was the same.
  11. NK Maribor starts with 4 affiliated clubs. 2 are in the same division, but after the first season these 2 link ups get cancelled. How can I edit it so that you can have affiliated clubs in the same division.