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  1. Hey matiz , with your 442 what kind of striker you put on right side ? Instructions are different for left and right strikers . The right striker have more individual instructions. It seems that he scores lore goals too
  2. Yeah thauvin wasn't ready for premiership i supose .. aniway thanks for answering mate ! Have fun in your new save , i'm gonna start mine this night
  3. That's a real business mate Thauvin is a beast in real life this year . I'm glad he's good in the game too . Amavi played well for you ? His stats are not so good
  4. Champion's league final in second year is really impressive mate . Who do you have up front ? And lemar is a world class player in the game , nice
  5. Hi mate I want do start a save with my favorite team , Marseille too ^^ How did you managed to conceede only 24 goals with defenders so slow like rami and abdennour in the first year ? Did you bought some new defenders or maybe you used specials opositions instructions? Congratulations for such a good season
  6. Maybe there will be changes in the final version . I think FuSS is still working on ir but for me it's working great so far . Enjoy your save
  7. There's no download link for the moment . Just put your AMC in mezzala position like in the screenshots . I've added shoot less often in PI for him and that's all .
  8. I can confirm that the new version with the mezzala is working perfectly . Just on defeat in 18 games so far in my lyon save and a good draw away to agaisnt PSG . Thanks FuSS
  9. Thank you for you answer mate . Always pleased to test 4231 formations . Yeah it seems that dynamics are important this year . I'm just too impatient , when i loose against a weeker team i'm going crazy haha . Thanks again for your sharing anyway
  10. Not working for me i dont get it How can people have so good results with any team and i'm struggling with pretty good teams . Tried it with 3 different teams and i have mixed results . I can win 4-0 and loose 3-0 against a weaker team
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