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  1. I saw your review, very eloquently put. Surely someone from their camp must browse steam reviews, the forum, the discussion page on Steam...anything! The only thing I can think of is they either don’t want to admit they’ve made a mistake, or they frankly don’t care about customer concerns. Luckily I got this edition for free after my mate accidentally bought two copies from a third-party seller, I would never have paid money for it. At this point I’m just gonna go back to ‘16 until they put some more effort in.
  2. The manager creation screen when you first edit your appearance. As far as I know, regens use the same hair models so it's not exactly a great effort from SI's part. Set to the highest graphics possible at 1080p too.
  3. Even so, if why add the 3D models if it's going to cause a significant drop in quality? Literally no-one cares about the 3D-model in game being spot on to what the picture looks like in the UI screens. Guarantee the majority would rather have more detailed, varied regens in the UI screen (where you spend the majority of the game) and just have models with their hair and skin colours to distinguish them in the match engine. I'd sooner have that than have the bland, clay-like, featureless regens that the game currently has. The 3D models in-game are that similar to the 2D ones anyway, I didn't even notice the change until someone pointed it out. The faces are an improvement on last year but that's not saying much. The hair however...what the hell is this? The first one looks like a blob, and not even mentioning the bald patch on the second, but who in the world has a fringe like that?
  4. Okay, this is griping me now. I've put countless hours into FM over the years, but the past two editions meant I've found myself less immersed due to the simple fact that regens must be way down on the list of importance for SI, because their faces definitely keep changing for the worse. I understand that the gameplay/match engine etc. is a big deal for SI at the moment, but for someone like me who enjoys long saves where the whole of my team will be regens that I've taken the time to scout, train and bring through the ranks, having about 6 or 7 hairstyles for 20+ players and faces that look like clay really takes a lot of the enjoyment out of longer saves due to the lack of personality I feel the regens have. What makes it worse is that with the new 3D face models (most pointless feature ever because the majority of players don't zoom right in on faces in game) you can't even use talented modder's resources to make them look more varied, such as Debski's hairstyles. It feels like a pointless backward with the alien looking regens of last year and now the clay-putty-like ones we've got this year. I get you're trying to make them look better for the long run but it clearly isn't ready to be implemented yet, the old regens from FM'16 and before looked way better, and with added hairstyles from content creators, helped players feel distinguishable from one another, really helped the immersion-factor. Why change it for the worse? I've seen a few threads on this already, with replies such as 'get used to it', 'it's not a gameplay issue, its in your mind' or 'it'll be better in the long run'. Don't come at me with those cop-out excuses, firstly, why should we have to 'get used' to poor graphical choices with no logical reasoning to make them worse? And if it'll look better in the long run, why not wait until it's ready to be implemented instead of rushing it out and claiming it to be a 'new feature'. As for it not being a gameplay issue, if multiple people are complaining about it and it's actually forcing people to skip this addition of FM then why not address our concerns properly? Seriously, if a modder can make the image attached in 2 minutes, why can't there be more effort from SI's part when they have a year to perfect it?
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