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  1. Lucho_

    few questions

    1) The board chooses the fan day, not you. There's no way to set it up on your own.
  2. I had this too a couple of days ago. Thought it was quite strange.
  3. Lucho_

    WWSM 2008 patch?

    There's a sticky at the top of this same forum with the patches.
  4. Maybe he wants you to do poorly so he can take your job? Gas is expensive these days, you know
  5. Lucho_

    Just a quick idea

    What would be the point of telling the media that you are leaving the club at the end of the season? What effects do you think it should have on the game?
  6. First, we would need to know what variables determine the sale of season tickets. I'm not sure if SI has explained that somewhere. Maybe the preseason matches are more important than last seasons results?
  7. I completely agree that with the purchase of the cd/dvd version you should be able to download the game for free at least one time. But I'm afraid you have to buy both versions. For FM08 (actually it's WWSM08) I have gone to the digital-download version, and it has worked great for me. Would recommend it 100%. Maybe you can do it for 09.
  8. Lucho_

    Soft touch?

    Well, if you had played Fifa 08 I'm sure you'd understand...
  9. Interesting question. SI will probably sometime have to improve their "anti-piracy" policies, but meanwhile it will probably be better to just buy the digital-download versions to avoid this sort of problem.
  10. Lucho_

    Commentary Help

    Besides, you could probably just make a back up of the file and try it for yourself.
  11. I was called to manage England and managed to win the 2010 World Cup. But the lack of impact of my achievement in the game world made it a bit less fun.
  12. So how would this work? What would stop you from vouching for every single one of your players every day? And how would it affect the international manager? Would something happen if he didn't listen to you? Or rather, why should he listen to you? Not saying it is a bad idea, just trying to figure out how you think it would work.
  13. Gotta admit the "ball cam" is really cool.
  14. Lucho_

    WWSM 08 Update?

    You can get the 8.02 patch from this forum (sticky at the top).
  15. Loyalty to older players is in no way implemented in FM. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> It is a factor though. When I get scouts reports there is a nationality bias. For example, if I get a report on a player from Leonardo, he'll tell me ROBINHO is my best striker, and Player X would be the 6th best striker in the squad. I send a Spanish scout to look at the same player and he;ll tell me TORRES is my best striker! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> So where does loyalty to older players enter into this? The nationality bias is in fact implemented in the game. The loyalty to older players is not. Maybe it should. Maybe some managers should prefer more experienced players while others should encourage younger players into the first team.