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  1. Is there a slider or is it set? Seems very quick for me
  2. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. 3 players in the save all playing at the same time always (We are about 8 seasons in, but its been happening since season 1, some players even still on loan from season 1) We are playing as FC Eindhoven, Go Ahead Eagles and Telstar and Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy and England are loaded. The loan players are now mainly regens, however, players such as Sebastien Soto (Norwich) , Abdoul Camara (Hoffenheim). We are paying them a small percentage of their loan despite them signing multiple big money deals, Soto has been at Telstar for 9 years. Soto was ther
  3. Massive apologies, i've been away from the forums. We just did a hard restart on the game
  4. In our online save. We have been keeping loans for about 6/7 years despite them being World Class Players. When we come to renew then, it says 'we are looking to give this player a chance in the first team, however if a higher offer...' and they just accept the bid. So we have a player bagging 40 goals a season who is being paid about 5k a year despite being on a huge contract at his parent club and valued at 80mil
  5. Our save is never visible when searching for games. So we always just use the invite button (we are 4 seasons in) However tonight, the button has just disappeared. Any Advice? Please delete, sorted
  6. Didnt want to make a new topic as I found this. I am on a mac and I know I have put the logos etc. in the right place as they are in the game. Bit my skins just arent showing. Any ideas on this guys?
  7. If I have the full game installed in my steam library. Will that be what is playable? Or will I need to get a code from VoidU (which is an approved seller?)
  8. Hi Guys, just doing a bit of pre beta planning for my Everton save. Im a bit worried about my options up top (as I am in real life.) I plan to use Tosun but he doesnt really offer much more than finishing. How do you guys get those strikers who are pure finishers into the game? (PS I dont like going into the transfer market first window)
  9. On the livestream. They are saying Friday by the latest (as in it will almost certainly be out by then as that is what they said) but they are hoping for earlier Hope that helps
  10. Guys. This is fantastic, more suggestions and good ideas than I could have hoped for. Please keep it going, not tried any of them yet as I cant get the motivation to play 18 due to the beta being round the corner. Awesome work
  11. I am a tactical newbie. Ive played for years watch football religiously and yet have absolutely zero understanding of how to make a tactic. I am going to grind hard for FM 19 to become even semi competent at making a steady tactic next year. Does anyone have any must haves in every tactic or something to 100% avoid, be it with roles, partnerships, player instructions, team instructions... Anything it really will help
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