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  1. Could we please have injury time goals denoted as, e.g., 45+3 or 90+5. It is not unusual to see more than one goal in injury time and for future reference it would be nice to be able to reconstruct the exact sequence of events just by glancing at the scoreline.
  2. I'm not sure you can teach a player to like big occasions. But it's not impossible that he will outgrow it as he matures, I suppose. In any event, it doesn't seem to matter much. If the player is good, he'll still perform. In my game I've got a world-class striker who "doesn't like big occasions" yet he plays in front of 75K spectators every week and scores 30+ goals per season. Go figure.
  3. Wow, Ched, you're a machine! I fully agree that a certain level of randomness seems to rule the feeder relationships. I hope SI will address this. As for your proposed changes, I'd really like to see full user control. After all, it's the manager who makes the feeder recommendation (always adhered to by the board) and sends players off on loan. Why not make the only truly sentient element of the game (the player) decide for him/herself in this matter? And please, give us the ability to identify leagues (if not clubs) that would have feeder potential.
  4. Net transfer spend: an aesthetically displeasing term in the financial presentation. OK, some may consider this a trifle matter but I think it deserves mentioning: the net transfer spend item. The current model has been used for years: Net transfer spend is an expense account, hence expenses will show up as a positive figure and income as a negative one. Why not relabel the account "Net transfer income"? That way expenses would show up as negative figures. I know, I know! It's a minor thing but it would be extremely easy to remedy, pleasing even the most nitpicky individuals...
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