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  1. These forums

    So... This is the new forum? I don't know if this is the proper place to moan about this but it's very slow! I hope things will improve. And something has happened in the migration process: Birth date formats appear to be wrong - e.g. my birthday, 10 February (10/2), has become 2 October (2/10).
  2. In long-term games some players will become unsettled after 8 or 10 years with a club despite huge success. It's a matter of motivation and players will start moaning about "new challenges" and "I've been here too long" despite the fact they're integral to their current team. This aspect is reasonable enough, I suppose, wanting new experiences. However, what's more dubious is that the unsettled players will happily sign new 4-yr deals only to become troubled again 3 months later. Selling them off is the only option. The big paradox is that, 9 times out of 10, they prefer to move to a club within your own league (or they simply fail to generate AI interest from abroad) - even in the case of world-class foreigners. What's the motivating factor in turning against your old employer with whom you've have an excellent relationship for years and years? They've won everything already. Why not move abroad and try something completely different if motivation is really the key issue? I'd like to see these players reject "home" clubs because they refuse to represent other league teams. It happens IRL, not in FM but I digress.
  3. If you ask me, there is no difference. I always use "can learn from..." and if successful the understudy will adopt the teacher's personality and personal moves. So what's the point in having the other choices?? I, too, would like an explanation...
  4. Angry Bar

    Yeah, please give me a "kick-boot-into-face-of-unsuspecting-midfielder" setting.
  5. That's what I figured. Having read similar posts I just thought that money would be officially set aside by the board once you reached the limit - e.g. by withdrawing a few hundred million. But this hasn't happened in my case. Fortunately my finances are still very good and the drop probably won't affect the game play.
  6. It's 2028 and my Barnet side make money like crazy. We've consistently been the richest club for the past decade. A couple of years ago, we reached an apparent barrier: €2.9B (£2B) - Richest clubs (February 2026). Despite producing massive profits, net value wouldn't move beyond this point. Now, however, I notice that my club value has dropped to a meager €420M: No explanation from the board about money being set aside. No actual funds have disappeared. My cash reserve is the same as before, approximately €1.5B, and there's no debt. I know club value is just a cosmetic figure but it really bothers me that I'm not even the richest club anymore!! Can anyone explain this? Must be a bug.
  7. It happens. My recommendation: squad rotation. It dramatically reduces the number of injuries. A club like Everton should be able to afford two equally strong starting line-ups to alternate between.
  8. Team talk's again!

    It depends... Best thing you can do is to vary your talks. The "don't-let-your-performance-drop" option can easily backfire if used too often.
  9. This is typical if one or several players on your team have become demotivated for some reason (team talk/pre-game media comments). In FM, demotivation will lead to a host of missed opportunities. The match engine can't seem to limit the number of chances created in this instance - this would be the logical outcome for an under-performing side.
  10. My Barnet 2027 starting 11: England 2 Wales 1 Spain 3 Brazil 1 France 2 Holland 1 Italy 1 All capped. Secondary line up: Italy 2 Sweden 1 Uruguay 1 Brazil 2 South Africa (England) 1 Germany 1 England 2 Belgium 1 All capped. Perceived starting 11 in 5 seasons (based on current youth players): Holland: 1 Portugal: 3 England: 4 Brazil: 1 Spain: 2 Nationality bias attribute: 1 Diversity rules!
  11. There wouldn't be any league prize money in Spain - only increased TV revenue.
  12. Future fees

    It seems buggy. It's more or less like initiating a player exchange which is also next to impossible.
  13. Update: I have just sent my non-English-speaking Italian quality defender back to Italy. He spent 10 years in the UK (playing 200+ first team matches for me) and never picked up basic English! This must be some sort of record. For me, at least, it is.
  14. Sure, but that's not what I'm referring to.
  15. 1) I have received no warning - I'm 98% certain. This has happened more than once; I might miss one but not two. And it happened in mid-July - well after the team had returned for the new season. 2) It wouldn't look good?? I don't understand: When players decide to retire they will display a "RET" icon, so why not staff as well? It's nowhere near realistic that your employees decide to retire without advance warning.