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  1. Do you have templates for FM18? Struggling to keep it simple as I always want the extreme in the first season....
  2. He is a rotation for me. Although I'm thinking of getting him in to the team as a Inverted Wingback as he did great in pre-season there and his stats are so all-round. Will post a screenshot tonight (season 3).
  3. Well, I struggle to find the right tactics to the players. In theory, the players are 'total' so they could play any tactic. I still have Donny v/d Beek, Hakim Ziyech and David Neres in my Ajax save 2020 and they are by far my key players in the squad. That's also the point where I struggle. I tried Ziyech in the AMR slot with Treq or IF and in the AM slot as a AM and even in the CM slot as RPM or CM-S+PI's. That's why I read and re-read this topic, but maybe the coin didn't flip the right direction yet in terms of understanding how to find the right tactics for the players. Hope this makes the question more clear now.
  4. The Eredivisie is the most easy. Lost only once (matchday 32/34) with a backup team. Walked the league.
  5. I tend to use Ajax always at the start. After around 6-8 months I tend to move on to another save/team or keep playing.
  6. I have found your topic about Universality inspiring and it come the closest to Total Football in terms of creating the right players. As I found my way in training the players to become ''Total'', I always struggle to find the right tactics for the players. How do you tackle this?
  7. @Raymond85 Do you still play Ødegaard as a Trequartista?
  8. Hurdle one is out of the way to get in the Champions League Group Stage.
  9. For me, it's the perfect role in midfield (support). Why? You adjust the settings to the players ability. Example: I have Donny v/d Beek. His First Touch is 15, Passing 15, Technique 15, Vision 16. I have him on Get Further Forward, Take More Risk (Passing) and depending on how deep the opposition sit More Direct Passing. If I play another player in the same position, it's most likely he won't get the same PI's as v/d Beek because it's a totally different player. Which is why I love the role so much, because you can play i so many diffrent way's and styles without making chances to any role's.
  10. In FM it's easier to keep the outstanding players. If you set up your youth in the first season, you should see results in season 3/4. So I see it as keep hold on the best players as long as possible and if monsters bids come in after 3 seasons, you have replacements lined up. I did set it all up in my second season - I'm at the start of season 3 - and I already see how it affects everything as my first team isn't as good as in season 1 and my youth still needs another 1 or 2 years so I need to look for transfers and spend cash for players that most likely will stay only 1 season or risk in competing in the Eredivisie only.
  11. As the first team needs a big injection of quality, the youth is promising. Having promoted some players to Jong Ajax, a new set of players is ready to fill the gap left in U19. Decided to promote Gravenberch to the senior squad and let him show what he can do. Brobbey is ready for first team action, but with Dolberg ready to take the number 9, it seemed wise to give him playing time in the second tier.
  12. Depends. Do you need the money? Then sell. If not, then keep him.
  13. @zlatanera Everton finished 10th with only 5 points behind the famous 'best of the rest' spot 7th. Chelsea finished 6th with 1 point behind 4th. So it came to me as a real surprise seeing that. But as I'm writing this, I understand..
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