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  1. When I used Inside Forwards they stayed wide by default. 9 out of 10 times they only cut inside when they received the ball and dribbled inside.
  2. I would say play pre-season first on full match and discover yourself as you play.
  3. @warlock Good results and a nice position on the table! Hopefully you can keep this up. Top boss, I like the sound of that!
  4. @DefinitelyTaylor Looked it on the positive side, scoring 3 against a championship side is always good! Exeter City / October October went way better than expected, switching tactics was necessary as the overkill tactic isn't working (not surprised ). The only thing I'm concerned right now is the lack of depth in the squad and with almost no fundings it's going to be a long season if we can't do something in January. Trying to get rid of some players that never play to get free players more suitable to the roles I use. Switching to the new tactic after the Swindon game, it worked wonders so far. Scoring 11 and only conceding 3 with the best result against number 1 Forest Green. And we are still in for automatic promotion and most important, 7 points clear from 7th play-off place. Best Player / October It is a hard one. Tristan Abrahams scored 5 and assisted 2 in 7 games, but Jayden Stockley also scored 5 and is now topscorer. So probably just both.. Jayden Stockley Tristan Abrahams Fixtures / November A win over Swansea U23 see us going trough in the cup. The FA Cup first round is a must-to-do task. Not to impressed by our opponents in the league, hoping for a good amount of points.
  5. @DefinitelyTaylor Well, it brought me some points to begin with. Thats for sure! @Jogo Bonito Very good start in terms of points indeed. In terms of points, we are off to a great start! Also trough to the third round of the Carabao Cup (v Derby County). Leaking goals all over the place! Maybe my overkill Ajax tactic isn't the way to go here with a terrible squad that cannot play this tactic all season! Going back to the drawing board..
  6. At the moment my team takes Cruyff's quote a little too serious..
  7. Exeter City / Sky Bet League Two England / Nation Plymouth Argyle / Rivals St James Park / Stadium I was looking for a fun save, where there was no pressure from the club or myself really and I have never managed in England (a part from a lost season with Burnley (FM17) in the Championship in a save, 3 years in). Fasten your seatbelts.
  8. League Two: Exeter City Ligue 2: FC Sochaux Debating which team to pick. Anybody experience in one of both leagues and what is more of a challenge/fun?
  9. Supply your striker. I use a Poacher in my Ajax save the first season, even though it is Huntelaar, by far not the greatest, he still scored 10 goals overall (League, Cup, Champions League) and I'm November. I have the PI Shoot More Often combined with two Winger (support) around him. Also my wingbacks are there for him as they overlap the wingers and I often get a 2v1 situation against my opponent's fullback and there will be crosses.
  10. This topic inspired me again to the extend that I dropped my other saves this year and trowing all of my experiments in FM19 on the Ajax save. Will be dropping a update in the near future.
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