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  1. Hey thanks for fixing this! It works perfectly, just one quetion do i have to play play on public beta all the time now or i can go back to "normal" FM ?
  2. I guess no gaming for me this weekend? Anyway thanks for trying to fix this.
  3. My game crashes at exactly the same point everytime, the date is may 15, 2023. Never happend before, i use ingame editor sometimes. I have upploaded the save on the cloud ( Zliv Vodac - jouneyman.fm) and the crashdump file is in this topic! FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.03 23.10.54).dmp
  4. Hi thanks already updated them and it work perfectly now, thanks anyway
  5. As the title says post all youngsters/wonderkids you know! Simple as that, hopefully you will find some new that you want to try!
  6. Okay so this is a thread where people can post diffrent challenges and maybe help others to find the right challenge for them! So just start to hit it!
  7. Awsome tactic, won the league and the 2 cups with braga 2nd season (did'nt play with this tactic the first season)! keep up the good work knap!
  8. Hi I play on PC, (Windows 8.1) and i never had this problem with fm17...
  9. The game freeze when i save the game, and after i quit FM the whole computer freeze and i have to restart it!
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