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  1. Hi kahuna399. I just select everything and centre it. Good luck with the challenge!
  2. San Marino Challenge - Season 10 San Marino National overview I decided to split this update into two, as the National Team update required a bit more detail than usual. The last national update spoke about how we exceeded expectations and managed to win our Nations League Division C group (hurrah!). This automatically put us in the mixer for the playoffs for the Euro 2028 if we couldn't qualify for the tournament conventionally... Despite some good results, we couldn't (damn you, Kosovo!). So we were thrown into the pot to attempt to qualify through the Nations
  3. San Marino Challenge - Season 10 San Marino Calcio overview So we managed to win the league for the third season running, but other than that we didn't pull up too many trees. 4 of our losses came in our last 7 games, which was a bit odd. Roma are still annoying me (we beat them at home and then lost 5-1 away this time), but it's Napoli that are really starting to push my buttons. Having hammered us 6-0 in the Italian Cup last season they went on to knock us out in the QFs this year as well as beating us in the Super Cup. I want revenge next season! Having expressed a desi
  4. San Marino Challenge - Season 9 (26/27) Club overview We're the dominant force in Italy now. Juve ran us close but we managed to win most of our games against the teams near the top. Points lost were mostly to lower teams when playing a rotated team. We got to the final of the Italian Cup for successive seasons but got absolutely trounced by Napoli 6:0. Probably our worst performance since I took over. One to forget. Nothing to shout about in Europe as usual. Knocked out in the group stages of the CL again in a group featuring Spurs, Dortmund and Dynamo Kiev. Not the
  5. San Marino Challenge - Season 8 (Serie A) 25/26 Club overview So after last seasons disappointment I really wanted a successful year... and I got it! We comprehensively won the league before humiliating Inter 7:0 in the final of the Italian Cup! I think it's safe to say we're probably the best team in the league now. Despite dominating Italy we weren't great in Europe. We had a tough group in the CL, finishing 3rd behind Chelsea and PSG, before getting a tricky tie against one of the stronger teams left in the EL, Marseille. We went out 3-1 on aggregate. Disappointing.
  6. Thanks Lewis89, I was expecting the national side part of it to be a bit boring, but I'm finding it the most exciting part at the moment! Shame about the International League qualification, I'm still not quite sure of the rules there. An international tournament will have to wait! I don't know what it is with the cup! I'm putting out a decent team in it too. Fingers crossed for next season... Congrats Skidz1892, looks like things are going well for you! Do you have a shot of Maurizio Albani, he sounds like he's quite a player? Is he Sammarinese? Enjoy the extra Champions League money nex
  7. San Marino Challenge - Season 7 (Serie A) 24/25 Club overview Despite finishing third, this was a pretty terrible season. We have a good squad now and should be challenging for the title, not scrambling for CL qualification. None of our players really performed and there were some quite horrible results despite hammering teams on paper. It's safe to say the new stadium hasn't helped with only 3/12 wins since moving in. We navigated our way through our CL group with ease but pulled Chelsea in the first knockout round and lost 3-1 on aggregate. Again, woeful in the Ital
  8. San Marino Challenge - Season 6 (Serie A) 23/24 Club overview A solid season in the league. I didn't expect us to push for the title again, but ended giving Juve a respectable challenge. We could've finished top or fourth with about five games to go, but managed second place. Looking forward to the extra CL money coming in again next season! We did better than I thought in the CL. We managed to top a strong group against Galatasary, Benfica and Monaco. It went down the final fixture and we could've easily ended up in the EL knockout stages, but a 3:3 home result against Mo
  9. San Marino Challenge - Season 5 (Serie A) 22/23 Club overview Serie A, hang your head in shame. We won the league. Don't get me wrong, we have some good wonderkids (some permanent and some in on loan), but there's no way we should have finished top of the pile. A few early losses pointed us in the direction europe but a solid run after that had us just behind Juventus for most of the season. A mid season blip of draws against lower league opposition saw us fall further behind, but an almost certain CL qualification spot was in the bag. This was until Juventus decided to lose 5 of the
  10. Hey Lewis98. Congrats on both your club and national achievements so far! Impressive stuff. Can I just ask why you’re adding a manager in the San Marino league? Is it because you’re bored of the club side of the challenge and want to further the progression of the national side, through a stronger division reputation and better youth intake?
  11. San Marino Challenge - Season 4 (Serie A) 21/22 Club overview Expectations were to simply avoid relegation and after a shaky start we managed to climb up the league, leaving the predicted fight for survival behind us. We were punching well above our weight and found ourselves in a serious battle for the european qualification spots, but as we went into the final third of the season we hit a rough patch and dropped a lot of points against teams at the bottom. After the promise of another unbelievable season we soon found ourselves looking at a comfortable mid-table finish. This w
  12. San Marino Challenge - Season 3 (Serie C/B) 20/21 This season worried me. I felt like I'd been punching well above my weight so far, but kept the plan of trialling every willing player in the leagues above to get the best players in available. I'd played a few seasons in the Championship in previous games and found it so horrible to get out of. The second tier always seemed to be a bit of a bogie league for me... I thought I'd done a great job by the time the season kicked off with the players that I'd bought in, but got a right kick in the teeth from the start. The first 10 games to
  13. San Marino Challenge - Season 2 (Serie C/B) 19/20 After the success of the first season there was no reason I thought we shouldn't try and push on an get promotion again. The plan was to do what I did the year before and get a load of loan listed players in on trial before picking the best for the first team. I ended up destroying the league comfortably. Standout players Although my defence was solid, my attacking players were instrumental this year. Davide Marcandella ripped it up on the right wing with 15 assists and Lazar Nikolic scored 12 from the inside left. Sam
  14. San Marino Challenge - Season 1 (Serie D) 18/19 Hello, everyone! Me and a couple of friends decided to take up this challenge this year (club and country from the start) but I've kept quiet so far until I had a few seasons under my belt. I've been keeping an eye from afar watching with a few of you successfully climb the leagues (especially Lewis89 and boroofbishop) before posting on here (as I've never done so before). I'll keep each one brief because there are three years to put on here. Serie D was a lot of fun! I wanted promotion first season and it went down the final game of th
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