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  1. This FM20 tactic is not perfect, but if you find suitable players you can enjoy some great football and results. In my opinion this year in fm20 there are no tactics that will guarantee great results, as management is same important as using some great tactic. Plug and play time is over. When we speak about this tactic the most important players in this tactic are AP, Poacher and Wingers. In teams where i had great AP he had really big number of goals and assists. I didn't put any set pieces, as i still didn't make something that works great.. NOVA LUDA 3-1-4-1-1.fmf
  2. You are welcome mate, and yes i have used it with Blackburn and results were also very good..
  3. This is a list of some low-cost fm19 wonderkids and all these players are available in the first transfer window. If you get some of them you can expect great profit in the future because they have fantastic potential. In this video you can check their attributes and then you can decide which one do you need. Enjoy playing fm19 the best game in the world
  4. Last match in the season and promotion!!! Was really a pleasure to manage this club and I think we did some amazing things during this season...Last Episode
  5. The season is coming to an end so every game is very important, can we get promoted...Game vs Mansfield our big rival in EPISODE 10
  6. FA Cup Fourth Round and the game vs Chelsea, for sure this is a special day for our fans and for our club so we are ready to give more than 100% on the pitch....Can we make another miracle? EPISODE 9
  7. We are in the year 2025 and great things are going on for Faroese football, the national team is making some great results and the same thing is with the clubs in European competitions. Some fantastic youngsters are already there with a great potential. Episode 2
  8. In this Football Manager 2018 Experiment, we are going to see what is going to happen if Billionaire invests in the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are small islands and most of their players are amateurs, so we want to see what is going to happen if all clubs have 1 000 000 000 pounds in their transfer budgets. How much time they need to develop with all that money and we want to see is their national team going to make better results. Clubs must improve their reputation and then they will be able to buy some really great foreign players. Se let's see what happened in the first episode of this little experiment!!!
  9. FA Cup third round and magical match vs Birmingham,i have changed tactic for this match because we cant play such a offensive football against three times stronger team...Is this change of tactic good thing,check that in next episode!!! Episode 8
  10. Unlucky lose vs Oldham in Checktrade Trophy but after that match we are doing really great so now we have match vs Swindon and big fight for second place!!! Episode 7
  11. So actually fm 2019 is going to be new update..Somehow i was thinking there is some update before...
  12. Premier League Free Agents List in Football Manager 2018, that I think is realistic for this summer is here. These PL free agents are fantastic players and maybe in the future you will be able to sign them for free..Maybe i have missed some of them but in my opinion on this list are the best ones...
  13. Checkatrade Trophy second round and game vs Oldham,can we go into the nest round and beat better opponents?? Enjoy watching Episode 6 !!!
  14. Really Incredible match vs Roshdale in first round of FA Cup - Episode 5
  15. I have tried to recreate how Tottenham is playing and Mauricio Pochettino's tactic into a fm18 tactic..This tactic with Tottenham works really nice and i had some fantastic results...Dele Alli is providing a close partner to Harry Kane and with Eriksen as a creative player they make fantastic trio..Using wingbacks is very important and they allowed Spurs to pack more players into the attacking third and this is why they are very important players in this tactic. pochetino taktika.fmf
  16. Had problems with defence so did some tactical change - again game vs Mansfield but this time in League !!! Episode 4
  17. Amazing result vs Mansfield and tactic analyzing - Episode 3
  18. Hhehe i still believe they deserve :)....But you are right that they need to play better....
  19. We sign some free agents and had first match in Sky Bet League Two vs Coventry in my opinion one of the best clubs in this division...Episode 2
  20. Notts County is recognised as the oldest professional football team in the world, and they deserve to play in some higher division not in League Two..I will give my best to get back this club on the place where they should be...They had financial problems and this was main reason why they didnt make some better results...This is a first episode of my complete playthrough with this great club
  21. Year 2025 and second episode od this little experiment...Something really strange happen...
  22. Just heard that Real Madrid wants to get him in next transfer window!!!For sure Lazio is going to earn a big money!!!
  23. In this FM18 Experiment we are going to check what is going to happen if a Billionaire invest money in Serbia! Serbia is small country but with a lot of young and talented players so i am sure that this experiment can be very interesting!!! Episode 1
  24. Last Episode of my Journey with Liverpool FC and the most interesting game vs Chelsea,game which is going to decide who is winning the title!!!
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