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  1. if i ask my player to mark specific player he is doing it as i ask if i ask him to mark specific position ..nothing happens at all...im maybe missing the purpose of this instuction but i m waiting that my player gonna mark the opposite player that play on that specific position...not happent i did this test many times with almost all my players(all positions) Never worked.
  2. Make this experiment 1 April 2018 Add new manager..take control West Ham then go staff-->responsibilities-->personal assistant...when you scout a player,add him to your shortlist for: INDEFINITELY....when you scout a player,watch him: FOR 1WEEK then go fire your chief scout and all your scouts exept 1(the worst 1) go world-->transfers-->youth intakes go to February+March and scout ALL those regens (click a player then scroll down SHIFT CLICK another player...you can pick up to 50 players at once...right click-->scouting-->get scout report) wait 1 week... then go scouting-->shortlist and enjoy 4000+ players(regens) with scout reports (4146 in my last try ...cost 360.000E but who cares) Probably you can get scout reports from ALL THE PLAYERS(unlimited number) in your save in 1 week with just one bad scout... REALISM LOL EXTRA BIG ISSUE(old issue) : why we have the access of every youth intake in the game?...realism?
  3. June 2018 In my save 35 players have 170+ CA(current ability).....5 of them have 185+ CA (Messi,Ronaldo,Neymar,Neuer,Suarez) June 2033 same save..... now 160 players have 170+ CA........30 of them have 185+ CA and more...there are 175 players that have185+ PA (potential ability).... incoming 100+ Ronaldos more...lol I ve noticed that every year the game produce 15+ regens that have 185+ PA.....test it in multiple saves This is so disappointing...i refuse to play this atm...