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  1. I appreciate that things must evolve so should iPads of course but all you guys had to do was state that so people are not miss sold it.
  2. Funny how these developers won’t reply to fact they state it supports the iPad Air 1 when in fact it doesn’t if you guys had stated the point on the App Store in regards to the graphic/ pixilated on older generation iPad people would not have bought it so I’ll say again this is false advertising you guys need to sort this! And state it !!! Before other people make the same mistake
  3. Why did you guys not advise of this on the description the Apple store then?!
  4. Right mate when you go to purchase this game the graphics on the App Store show a complete different game as the picture and the detail on are clear and when you have the game its pixilated this is false advertising the game actually hurts my eyes due to pixilated I don’t know about anyone else but I’ll be requesteing a refund you guys have ruined a good game
  5. I’m having this issue to the screen shots on the App Store do not reflect the games graphics will this be fix as its false advertising?!
  6. Hi there is anyone else’s fm touch 2018 blurry??? As just downloaded and Bad graphics ??
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