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  1. Don't know why I found this so funny; but I really did. "I want to disable Brexit basically". Classic.
  2. Can't wait till the database is finished entirely. L22 to champions league is what I'm here for! I used the L22 database on last year's FM instalment and recreated a club in Tier 22 as 'FC Lietuva'. The regens would turn out Lithuanian (very similar to FC Romania) and not only would I focus on getting a L22 team to the Prem and CL, I would have a side focus on nurturing youth through my club and developing the LTU national team into contenders! Threw a bunch of mates I know who play Conference and League 2 into that team also to make it feel that more personal. Was by far the most interesting save I've ever had through any FM. Keep up the brilliant work Dan. Again, cannot wait until you've finished it all pal.
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