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  1. As for Asia, I do suggest you look out for Chinese league jobs because they have far better funding and lots of strong foreign stars. I also expect the South African one to be difficult (for me too...), so if you think there's a good job out there, might be good to take a shot.
  2. What I mean is real time editor (the in-game one). Custom database, no problem
  3. Finished one season with Cruz Azul. Easily won the Mexican First Division Closing Stage and I expect to go for the NACL next year (2024). Compared to rest of the field, I inherited a very strong squad with multiple wonderkids (attached one major one for example, top scorer for closing stage. Just 19!)
  4. Coaching Badges really help a lot! Try asking your board as soon as you arrive at a new club. Good luck.
  5. And I'm right back on a new team, this time in North America. I will be leading Cruz Azul, probably the best team in the Mexican League in 2022 in this save. I honestly have absolutely no idea why the previous manager was sacked (considering he won 65% of games and led Cruz Azul to the top of the Mexican First Division Opening Stage League table), but I'll take the job happily. Right on pace for the North American League and looking at the players I have, I should have another easy way to the Champions League title.
  6. Done with Asian Champions League! It was a pretty easy way with Guangzhou. Lost the first leg of the finals 0-1, but won the second leg 0-2 to win it all. I also managed to win the Chinese league in the process. Didn't manage to win the league cup, however with 3 players being sent off in the second leg... Well, it's 2022 November and World Cup (remember, it's held in Qatar) is well on the way. I will be resigning from Guangzhou to look for a job opening that will help me get the North American Champions League title or the African Champions League title. *Edit: The file got messed up after a few days of ending the Chinese part. It was last saved before the final game. It's still in tact, and I managed to get it back alive and save it. Still lost the League cup though.
  7. Rising up in ranks! Started off horribly at Shenzhen, just barely managing to keep them away from relegation. However, the new season started brilliantly, winning 11 of 15 league games. Guangzhou on the other hand, started really poorly. Their manager was sacked and I am now with Guangzhou and its massive budget! Going for Asian Champions League with this team.
  8. Managed to win the Olympics over penalty shootout, beating USA. I did have a pretty easy path to the finals as well, getting Japan in the QF and Belgium (without its best players, only half-injured Thorgan Hazard) in the Semis. This certainly raised my reputation a little bit, making it far easier to land interviews with MLS teams, Korean Top division teams, and Chinese Top division teams. I had a few options (New England, Gyeongnam, and Shenzhen). I decided to choose Shenzhen because New England was at the bottom of the table and Gyeongnam did not provide me with any transfer budget (insecure finances). I also asked for coaching badge training and it was approved (finally!). I suggest anyone who tries this challenge target a team with secure finances in order for the board to approve of it.
  9. As for me, I will probably do a yearly update (game time) just to keep track. (Unfortunately, I did forget to take a screenshot of how I started. I believe I started with South Africa, 2018 Pre-season). After a long, long time without a job, I landed on my first one as Cameroon U-23 on 2018 Sept 09. It is pretty impossible to get any other job apart from U-23s (I think) if you start Sunday League, unemployed, no coaching badges. Many African U-23 jobs are available though, and I felt Cameroon was the best choice with many of its youth playing in pretty big leagues (or at least in the reserves). December 2019, I managed to win the African U23 Cup of Nations (with ease actually, the team was just overwhelmingly good compared to others) and I have qualified for the Olympics which I hope to win in 2020. Current tactics screenshot is also attached.
  10. Football Manager 2019 time! And I'm going for Pentagon Challenge (again). People have done it in the past, same old rules, credit to whoever first came up with this hardcore challenge. I'm not sure when I last did it (like in 2015 or something), but I don't have it saved, so here goes a new version in 2019. Aim Win the 5 continental trophies (European Champions League, South American Champions League, Asian Champions League, African Champions League, North American Champions League) in one save. I'm also going to make this even harder by adding the World Cup. Rules No adding new managers. No in game editors. Attribute masking to ensure you actually scout people. Start unemployed, Sunday-League experience, no coaching badges. The bars are up to you. Database, I'm going large and adding as many leagues as possible. I do suggest that you add the lower divisions, Asian, African and North American leagues first and add the top divisions, European leagues, and so on later. *Custom Database for adding more leagues is allowed Have fun!
  11. Wait... It is somehow working on mine now? I updated to iOS 11.2 and reinstalled the game. I also clicked do not show me any new updates instead of choosing "expert" at the start.
  12. I think I was on 11.1.2 and now I will be on 11.2. I used the iPad Pro from a year ago.
  13. I downloaded the app, deleted it, and tried to download it again (because things were just not working) and the app store tries to convince me to pay for the game again. I managed to download it again from my purchases but maybe this is an issue that should be fixed?
  14. I'm having exactly the same issue. Tried all 3 skins. None works. I cannot start the game.
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