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  1. Please find here the graphics config file and the dxdiag DxDiag.txt graphics config.log
  2. I own FM 2016, 2017 and now 2018. I have nothad any issues with the previous released however FM 2018 refuses to detect my laptop graphic capabilities and insists on giving me 0 stars as a rating. Gameplay is very laggy even on the lowest settings and at time the game stops responding totally. I have an ASUS ROG i7 2.5 GHZ CPU, 16GB of RAM a Samsung 850EVO SSD drive and an Nvidia GTX 850M graphics card. The laptop is recently formatted with a clean install of windows 10 home edition. All drives are fully updated to the latest version. I have absolutely no issues playing other games , I have followed some instructions you posted to force the game to run with the Nvidia Graphics card as the laptop also has a builtin Intel Graphics 4600. The game starts with the Nvidia GPU however still gives 0 stars I have also cleared the cache and settings more than once to force it to redetect as posted by SI , to no avail. The game is completely unplayable , it also patched to the latest version but nothing has changed., I had it for over 2 weeks now without being able to play it on my laptop. Please provide a solution for this issue Thank you
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