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  1. Ferdinand.. vc conseguiu acertar a parte da América do Sul?
  2. DMATOS01


    Another question .. if I put the young favorite moves manually ... does he automatically stop receiving the group leader's moves?
  3. DMATOS01


    Yeah... 3 or 4 per group. One leader with higher determination and better personality.. and the others younger. All in the same position..
  4. How to increase the determination of young people faster? In FM 18, it was easier .. because it was enough to place a tutor with greater determination and similar or superior personality. But on FM 19 ... I could not do that with the groups.
  5. Does this work for South America?
  6. Thanks man. One question.. Are there any ways to make transfers more realistic? I mean .. more active.
  7. I have doubts: 1 - The determination does not rise more like in fm18 when carrying out the tutoring? 2 - When creating the groups, should the leader have a higher level of determination than the others? 3 - How does personality change? I created the groups 5 months ago .. and I did not notice any changes.
  8. FM19 .. 1 - When the young player is training a preferred movement .. does it stop absorbing preferred moves of the tutors who are in the same group? 2 - Can the tutor absorb the favorite movement that the young man already has? 3 - Young man with high determination when tutored by an older player with low determination .. will reduce the attribute as it was in FM 2018? 4 - Is it recommended 1 old player and 3 young to form the group?
  9. DMATOS01

    This is something i've wanted for 20 years..

    Good one! The history of the players in the club is annual. It should have the accumulated value.