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  1. It's just for tactical familiarity .. and does not impact directly on the next game. right?
  2. @Andrew James Atletico Mineiro NOVO 22222.fm Is it possible to fix or do I have to start a new game?
  3. After completing the future transfer.. I would have to receive the full amount and transfer 50% according to the clause. However, the value did not enter the finances.
  4. what happens if the player is training a preferred move and is in a tutoring group at the same time? Does not absorb preferred moves of anothers players in the same group? But can you pass on?
  5. It is very common to exchange players in Brazil, because the teams dont have money. This is called "moeda de troca"..
  6. How is it possible that the coach report say that the player is unsatisfied with the training ... when actuely he is not?
  7. Other options during the negotiation would be interesting .. For example: offer the player in exchange, but retain 30% of the value.
  8. I say it would be interesting to have a list of players that the other team has an interest in trading for the player in negotiation .. For example: Playing with Juventus. I want to buy Pogba, so I offer cash and more players. However, the players list should have some markings that Manchester are interested in ..
  9. It is very difficult to exchange players during the hiring ... You should review this.
  10. Well, there's another bug about history player. Print: https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/u...d4fc208092 https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/u...6dcae8622d Why did one of the prizes update in the history correctly and the other one was empty?
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