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  1. Good one! The history of the players in the club is annual. It should have the accumulated value.
  2. The Player Exchange is very difficult to be realized. I think it's interesting to "know" which players the club X has an interest when we propose the exchange. One suggestion would be to color the names of my team players after entering the switch option.
  3. DMATOS01

    Player History 18.3.1

    I believe this happened because I had hired the player for testing .. before signing him permanently.
  4. There is a bug in the player history. I do not understand how a player can win titles, be a top scorer and a better player and not have a biography at the club.
  5. DMATOS01


    Any news? Will it be fixed in the next patch?
  6. DMATOS01

    Empty history

    I came back in the game, before loan the player, and the problem continued.
  7. DMATOS01

    Empty history

    Why is this player's history empty? I won 3 titles and he participated. The other players are ok. I believe there is a bug, because that player was loaned and this must have affected something ...
  8. Like Atletico MG (Brazil).
  9. DMATOS01

    Low transfer activity in Brazil

    Bressan's theme happened to me too.
  10. DMATOS01

    Buy and then loan

    I understand that a club like PSG buy a young promise and then loan.. but some players have got 25 years .. so it doesn't make sense. And, in some cases, this occurs on the same day.