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  1. is there no fix for this issue? it's incredibly frustrating not being able to play the game anymore
  2. yeah, tried those. i don't have any controllers plugged in but went through the steps anyway in case another device was being wrongfully identified as one. i've tried adding .fm to the end of the files once, twice, three times etc but still nothing
  3. i have been unable to load the save files in game still, and now the one file i was able to recover and the new save i created to test have disappeared. the files still exist on the hard drive but aren't showing in the game for me to load.
  4. I have been able to recover one of the save files by changing the name, but the other 2 are still not showing up, is there something else i can do to get the game to recognise them again?
  5. thanks for the suggestion Neil, i'll give that a try and see if it works
  6. i've tried this, but only the new save shows up in the load menu in game, but if i go to the directory on the computer all of the save games are there so i'm really confused right now
  7. I had a successful save game going before christmas, but after taking a couple of weeks away i have encountered a problem. When i started the game, none of my save files were showing, i went into the directory and the files are still there but they just don't show up in game. I created a new save and that was placed in the same directory as my existing save files but in game this new save is the only one that is available for me to load. Has anybody else encountered this problem? does anybody have any suggestions of how to fix it?
  8. Will have a go with 41212 as it has been suggested a few times, got lucas in dmc with gerrard and allen ahead of him and coutinho in amc. getting width from 2 wingbacks, initially set to attack but will change to support if they are getting caught out of position too often. thanks for the suggestion, will take a look at that later. good points, am going to forgo the winger option for now as i'll lack depth there and it will also reduce my depth up front as well. I have johnson and enrique set to wingbacks to provide width, and 4 very good passers of the ball in the diamond which should hopefully give me a chance to play possession football which both i and the board want. I suppose the next step is for me to learn how to add screenshots so i can show what i have done so far and get feedback. thank you all for your suggestions so far.
  9. I'm in desperate need for some tactical help as i am just not able to do anything right in this version of the game. I've tried long passing, short passing, closing down, standing off, quick tempo, slow tempo, push up, drop deep and lots more but have failed every time to get any kind of consistency from a tactic. I've tried following the 12 step guide to FM in my latest save but was sacked from liverpool, sitting in 20th place in the league after 10 games after picking up just 3 points, scoring just 2 goals and conceding 18 and having lost to crawley in league cup with a full strength team. I've just started a new save as liverpool, and having gone through the players at the club, i have the following players in my first team squad: gk jones, mignolet defenders agger, cissokho, johnson, jose enrique, kelly, sakho, skrtel, toure midfield allen, coutinho, gerrard, henderson, lucas leiva strikers aspas, sturridge, suarez I have others in the u21s i can call on as backup, but don't see any as currently being up to standard for the first team so any additional players are likely to need to be bought in. with these players, i have the following outfield positions available to me when deciding on a formation (based on players being available who are at least accomplished in these positions): dr, dc, dl, dm, wbl, mr, mc, ml, amr, amc, aml, sc. with there being no wbr, i can either buy in a right wingback, retrain johnson or go with a flat back 4 (the latter is what i'm leaning towards). I only have lucas leiva who can play dmc, so i either need to retrain either of allen or gerrard to have cover in case of injury or buy in another dmc if i go with this in my formation. i'm thinking i need to go with a dmc given how i'm struggling with defence, but i don't want to limit attacking opportunities, so i'd appreciate some suggestions here. mr and ml are limited to central players who can play there plus cissokho who i'll need to rotate with enrique at lb so i'm not too keen on this as an option. amr and aml are also limited, and most likely will require me to play strikers there meaning i'll have to buy in cover for up front with extra cover needed for the wide positions. I also don't know whether to go with inside forwards, wingers or advanced playmakers here. i never seem to have success with inside forwards with players getting in each others way in the middle, and wingers don't seem to be much use as there is no real aerial threat at liverpool and drilled crosses more often than not are cleared by defenders. It's early days yet, so i haven't committed to anything yet, but i'd appreciate some input here to help me understand what options i have and why some are better than others. I haven't touched on team or individual instructions yet, as i don't want to over complicate things right off the bat, and will come back to those later when i've got some feedback on this post. in the meantime if anyone has any advice they want to give on instructions, feel free to advise. if you need any more information in order to help, please let me know and i'll post it for you. thank you
  10. if that's the case then that is poor, a fundamental part of the game not working. i've never bought a racing game where the car doesn't start or a shooting game where the gun doesn't shoot.
  11. Is it possible to defend on this game? was playing 4-2-3-1 but the opposition were getting over 20 shots per game against me, i lost 5-0 against chelsea and switched to a 4-1-2-2-1 to try and help out my defence and had mixed results since and just lost 6-0 at home to swansea... getting really frustrated now. i'm having players get ratings of 4.3 or 4.4 and can't fine them because they have already been fined recently for other poor performances, and players complaining when they do get fined even though they are getting really poor ratings.
  12. I know the answer to the following question is likely to be "it depends", but... What values should i be looking for in terms of player attributes when aiming to finish in top 4 in premier league. I ask because i've always aimed for 16 or above for key attributes where possible, but i'm wondering if this is too ambitious. also, i ask as very few players in the liverpool team come close to this level. should i be setting my sights a little lower, both in terms of my targeted league position and the quality of players i'm looking for. I've never been a tactical genius, able to take an average team to glory, and always have to rely on players ability to hide the weaknesses in my tactics, so i'm finding it hard to know what i should be looking for. if anyone has any suggestions, or just wants to share how they approach things, that would be much appreciated.
  13. That has worked, very confusing, not sure why it can't be made simpler.
  14. I can't download the dark skin, the downloads button on the main menu won't work. the game says it is currently version 14.1.1, is this the latest version? there doesn't seem to be any attempt by steam to update further so if this isn't the latest version, how can i get steam to look for updates? i've tried restarting the game and steam but nothing happens. I ordered a disk copy of the game online and am trying to update from the beta version. when i run the install, it verifies the files in steam, is this what it should be doing? everything seems to work, but can't access the downloads section within the game. I don't have any custom graphics installed.
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