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  1. SEASON 22/23 (Bundesliga) I've just recently delved back into this save after a bit of a winter break with other stuff going on in my life, and apparently found the team in better shape than ever. After a pretty crappy start to the season the team got together and went on a total bullrun in october, which had us cemented in the top six by christmas break. By then we had a bit of an injury crisis with both our starting CM's and also both of our first team goaltenders out with more or less serious injuries. Bad news for me, happy news for Dietar Baumann and Johannes Seitz who both were called up to the first team and got their cherries popped. With the team back at full strenght in early april, I decided to experiment a bit with the tactics since we were already safe in terms of points, and abandoned our solid 532 in favor for a 4231 where all the starters play in their natural positions and roles. This turned Dominik Bauschinger from a solid support AMC into a raging beast of a winger. I think he scored as many goals in the last month of the season as he had done in the eight previous months combined, so I will roll with it for the 23/24 startup and see where it takes us. We racked up 6 wins and a draw from the last 8 games and finished ****ing 4th. There's a new kid on the block Europe. Beware. Eugen Pawlowski is no longer the best player in 1860 München, he's the best player in all of Germany, beaten on Avg rating only by Eden Hazard and was the Bundesliga top scorer with 31 bagged. Only the world left for him to conquer now. Wasn't all too impressed with this years intake but Volker Feil looks fine. Otto Hahnemann, Georg Dolfen, Andrea Morelli, Markus Einecke and two others will also get the chance to prove their worth over the coming years. I got to keep all of my core players this year, even though Pawlowski whined about a move to Hertha Berlin at the summer transfer window a tiny bit. Hopefully he's forgotten all about it now that we're going to play in the Champions League. I opted to sell Frane Spanjic to Inter at the start of the season as he didn't get along with almost any of his teammates and I deemed Dominik Freytag (who's developed splendidly btw) a better option at right WB. Long time servants Helmbrecht and Gebhart has also been released, best of luck to them. Transfer snapshot. Hakan Karahan has been looking good this year and is finally old enough to play first team football. The tactic change also opened the door for a few players that previously didn't seem to have much of a future at the club, the most prominent being Melchner and Bührer, the latter already baptised in the Bundesliga with a goal on his debut. Next season we're aiming to beat Bayern München in a competitive game. It's time to start reclaiming the city.
  2. SEASON 21/22 (2. Bundesliga Champions) After 18 long years in the dark, TSV 1860 München is finally back where they (might) belong, in the german top tier; the Bundesliga. Despite a very shaky back line we were able to clinch the title with a healthy margin as Eugen Pawlowski and new partner in crime Henry Salz scored a combined 51 goals in the league. That, along with Cedric Brusts best season to date and a very promising first spell for youngster Dursun Yilmaz, was enough to seal promotion with four games to spare. Pawlowski shows no intent to end his subscription for the Lions (or league) MVP award, so it will be very interesting to see how he'll do in a grade A competition now. This years youth intake. I signed most of them but will keep an extra eye on Andreas Elsen, Anil Babacan, Matthias Einsiedler and goalkeeper Patrick Mauersberger. Transfers and Free transfers. The board actually accepted 10m€ bids for both Pawlowski and Brust in January but I was able to protest some reason into them due to our unexpected form and was also able to block a move from Leverkusen for highly rated prospect Bruno Colella. Having survived a full season without any unwelcome player sales almost rate higher than (and was probably pivotal to) winning the title. Our starting keeper Hendrik Bonmann didn't want to renew his contract and will be replaced by Enes Başaran who's been looking steady in the past two seasons and Jan Mauersberger has finally called it a day, which is both a relief and a little worrying at the same time since I frequently abused the former captain to convince unsettled youngsters to stay at the club. Hence, our goal for the 22/23-campaign is to stay in the competition and nothing else. Pawlowski will be appointed captain and my biggest fear here is that he suddenly wants to leave himself, something that never would have crossed the mind of the ever content, comfortable old Jan. Five new players will be included in the First team match squad this season; Bruno Colella and Babak Bürkle who already are our best defenders by a mile, a promising Wing back in Dominik Freytag, striker Leo Pledl and midfield joker Samuel Breu. I will also be monitoring Giannis Alexandris who developed nicely at a good loan spell at Würzburg.
  3. SEASON 20/21 (2. Bundesliga) A very good reintroduction to 2. Bundesliga as we sat comfortably mid-table for the whole season. A great run in had us finishing at 6th, well above any expectations I ever could've had at the beginning of the campaign. Pawlowski once again crowned Top goalscorer and subsequently POTY. This year saw the introduction of a number of first year youngsters to the team, most notably Dominik Bauschinger who won the assist league with 13 served. Unfortunately our defense suffered a major blow as our back line was absolutely pillaged during the January window where the board shipped off three top prospects, effectively raising the average age of my defenders with about 100 years. Markus Tschauner, Juan José López and our best and most missed Centre Back Simon Amonat are all gone. This meant that I had to renew contracts with Daniel Wein and dinosaur Jan Mauersberger since I don't have any decent defenders coming through the youth system until next season. Not that much to be excited about in this years intake. I signed Hakan Karahan, Habib Gholizadeh, Korbinian Gfreiter, Samet Bodur, Godwin Umoh and a few dark horses. Now, the next season will be critical to the future of this team. I awarded fat (but long) contracts to my best prospects in June and had to promise them that we'll be playing top tier football real soon in order to get their signatures. Cedric Brust expects me to deliver already this season but in all honesty I think it will be hard, if not impossible, as we rely too heavily on Pawlowskis left foot at the moment. Would he pick up an injury the ship could sink fast. Hopefully the introduction of Henry Salz and Dursun Yilmaz provides healthy competition for Ziereis and Gebhart at their positions and ignites a little fighting spirit. Two others to keep an eye on are striker Marco Antonelli and defensive Full Back Simon Becker who also will make a few appearances. Transfers.
  4. SEASON 19/20 (3. Fussball-Liga) I opted to scrap my 442 during preseason in favor for a more aggressive 5212, similar to the one I used most frequently in FM17. More bodies in the defensive line along with an absolutely outstanding first season from rookie Eugen Pawlowski resulted in 1st place, totally dominating the league. My initial plan was to bring him in slowly as a replacement to veteran Sascha Mölders over the course of the season, but his blitzing pace and the inclination to play in his striking partner more often made all the difference for this team so by October he was the undisputable number one. Cedric Brust also featured frequently in the first team until a broken leg spoiled the remainder of the season for him i January. Got high hopes for him if he can stay injury free. Youth intake looks decent, although 7 out of 16 candidates shipped with Unambitious personality so there's definitely some tutoring to be done over the coming years. Guess the ambitious kids all went to Bayern and we simply got the bunch that settled for 3rd tier football for life. The highlights of this years intake were Babak Bürkle, Dominik Freytag, Bruno Colella and Leo Pledl. Transfers: Board sold Gerrit Langer for a **** fee at the end of the January window after I had failed to renew his contract due to wage restrictions. Apart from him all players out are rubbish. My hopes for next season is obviously to stay up, perhaps even a mid-table finish if the team is able to maintain some of the form of last season. Opposition is a whole lot tougher though so whatever keeps us in the league is fine. I had to promise a bunch of my prospects that we'd be in Bundesliga by 2023 to get them to agree to contract extensions, so a dropdown will probably mean that I'd have to start over with a new squad.
  5. SEASON 18/19 (3. Fussball-Liga) Board wanted a top half finish, we managed to finish 10th after an extremely weak first half. Got to stay around for another year - and have started to get the backing of the players - at least. Midfielder Timo Gebhart was our MVP for the season. Whilst the youth intake was good overall, three youngsters stood out: Henry Salz (ST), Frane Spanjic (DR) and Dursun Yilmaz (MC). I opted to sign the whole bunch though, since I was preparing to get rid of a whole lot of deadwood in the U21s by the end of the season. Even though my staff was talking about a golden generation I have much higher hopes for the youngsters I inherited from the 17/18 season. Many of them are top notch and will either make core players or (most probably) get sold by the board. Meet Juan José López and Rico Schulze, my future wing backs, Gerrit Langer and Cedric Brust who will make up the creative midfield, and the centre back pair Markus Tschauner/Simon Amonat. Wickid sik. Other players of interest are him, this fella here, this guy, a goalie and these two. Transfers. All in all a decent season for us considering my sub-par tactical skills. A new chairman was elected by the end of the season and he scrapped my youth development philosophy so I will probably have to put all nagging about facilities and junior coaching aside for a while. Doesn't really help that the club finances currently are in a state of complete decomposition either.
  6. My first shot at this so will be starting with 1860 München.
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