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  1. Hi , i have a Gaming Pc , a very high speed and 2 vga 1080 ....etc well when i launch the game everything is very fast and good , my problem is when the match start and im watching , here the game lag too much and it's not smooth , even for example if i want to change tactics or i subs a player all go slow if a player shoot u see like the screen stopped for second then it continue ( as a lag or as if u playin an online game with low fps ) Any solution pls? when i play on laptop everything is good
  2. Hi , I was reading about unlockable features in fm . like dodgy lasagne , No Loan Restrictions unlockable Board Override Magic Sponge Lifetime contract unlockable what does mean each one and how to unlock them? is it something I have to buy from steam or what?
  3. Hi , what does mean the option " Can rename ground after person " .. my team built a new ground but they named it by themselves .
  4. ty . if you can provide me the link directly to the log pack please. and btw . why don't u have the fm18 yet? its great man a new experience
  5. for example this is the English 1er league table .. look the logs . for the clubs
  6. oh I noticed something . what about the Clubs badges . I see all badges wrong . any fix for that?
  7. oh I noticed something . what about the Clubs badges . I see all badges wrong . any fix for that?
  8. I was reading comments . someone said you need to update those files each time a new fm patch released to be safe. << will my game crash or something will happen if I update the game and I don't update those files?>>
  9. I'm already have a lot of saved games . and edited players . will this affect them?
  10. I use the fm official editor . and another question please. why Germany nation has all the squad names wrong?
  11. Hi again , I want to know can I be the team head couch and also be the chairman? in the editor that I bought from fm inside editor , can I edit the ticket price of matches? ty
  12. well I don't think ill take the risk >>> I like to be legal always and away from headache .
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